Aero Pilates is basically an extension of the original teachings of Joseph Pilates. Joseph Pilates originally developed the concept we know today as Pilates, to help people achieve greater muscle strength and stabilization by consistently performing various resistance exercises. It was very popular with dancers and athletics as it focused on effective breathing, injury prevention, alignment of the central body parts, stabilization, stretching, and muscle strengthening. Originally, Pilates movements were practiced solely using your own body weight, or perhaps with a few additional small accessories such as an elastic resistance band.

However, Aero Pilates is the concept of using machines, as part of its Pilates home equipment collection, to help implement the teachings of Joseph Pilates, because it allows one to exercise multiple muscles at once, rather than limit yourself to concentrating on a single set of muscles if you were exercising alone without the aid of a machine. The use of machines also makes it possible to strengthen and align more body muscles faster, with greater resistance and with better results, since a greater variety of complementary exercises can be performed with the help of a machine. Using a machine in your Pilates workout will also help you achieve better stabilization of your core muscle group, which will improve flexibility and posture.

Aero Pilates not only uses Joseph Pilates original teachings of movements to improve strength and stabilization, but also adds an additional component and is with the use of a vertical trampoline, known as a cardiovascular rebounder. This mini trampoline provides low impact cardiovascular training, which helps improve your heart health and accelerate weight loss. Wearing a cardiovascular rebounder is gentle on the joints and connective tissue so as not to increase the chance of injury, but to consistently strengthen the weaker parts of the muscles that are not used regularly. This form of pilates can help increase your aerobic endurance as well as increase muscle strength. By using a streamlined Pilates machine, you can maintain lean muscle mass, increase flexibility in the hips, which is just as important as we age, and also increase your strength/body weight ratio.

Exceptionally, the Aero Pilates concept can now offer you a complete body health solution and run on one machine. There are a number of Pilates machines currently available on the market, which would be a great addition to your Pilates home equipment collection. They all accomplish a similar purpose. All machines have different comfort characteristics, resistance levels and can be made of wood or metal. Depending on your budget, you can purchase an Aero Pilates machine to use from home from $ 200, or up to $ 1500 for high-end models.

Currently on the market, the two wooden machines are Aero Pilates Performer and Pro, and the metal machine has just been called Aero Pilates. However, all aero Pilates machines have similar features that allow you to perform over 50 different types of strengthening and toning exercises, which simply would not be possible using a mat and your own body weight alone. However, if you're wondering, how the hell do you learn all of these movements for the machine, don't worry, as all of the Aero Pilates machines available right now will come with an instructional video or DVD describing the wide range of exercises you'll be doing. able to perform, from the comfort of home.

Furthermore, only the trampoline component of Pilates machines, the Aero Pilates Cardio Rebounder, can also be purchased on its own without having to purchase a full Aero Pilates machine. This would be a reasonable solution for someone who was on a tight budget but who has some Pilates experience and may already have some resistance exercise tools such as a Pilates exercise circle / ring or resistance power cables and you just want to be able to add the cardiovascular component to your existing Pilates exercise regimen.

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Aero Pilates is basically an extension of the original teachings of Joseph Pilates.