Pilates has become the new craze in health and fitness, and for good reason. The benefits include increased strength, balance and speed. As well as increasing core strength and decreasing back and neck pain. The most common piece of equipment used in Pilates is the Pilates Machine.

The Pilates machine is basically a bed on rails, connected to a series of springs for resistance. You lie on your back on the bed, and perform leg exercises using the bar, and arm exercises using ropes and pulleys. The machines were created by Joseph Pilates in the early 1920’s as a way to help rehabilitate injured soldiers in hospital. He would connect springs and ropes to the beds, and soldiers would exercises while they were injured, speeding up their recovery.

The Pilates machines are versatile. There are literally hundreds of arm, leg, lower back and abdominal exercises that can be performed on the beds. There are many products available on the market, and they have become quite affordable over the past few years. They come with an instructional DVD and the machine. It is advisable to take a few supervised classes by a trained professional before attempting the exercises on your own. Some of the exercises are challenging and if not performed correctly may lead to injury.

There are many benefits for using the machines. The first being improved posture. You will learn how to strengthen and engage the muscles required for the perfect sitting and standing posture. This is vital for anyone with a computer or clerical job. The next benefit is improved core abdominal strength. This will help prevent back pain, or ease pain if you already have problems with your lower back. You will burn fat and speed up your metabolism and generally have more energy and feel better throughout the day.

Since the machines have come on the market, other Pilate’s equipments have been developed to further increase the challenges of the Pilates exercises. They include the Pilates ring, foam roller and ball. Many Pilate’s studies incorporate all three in the Pilates classes.

If you are a fan of Pilates and want to challenge you body further, the Pilates machine is for you. It will be the perfect progression from you current mat routine to the next step In Pilates Exercises. Whether you buy the machine or continue with your mat Pilates always remember to stay fit and healthy try to exercise at least 4 days a week for half an hour!

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