Therefore, you want to start a Pilates program but don't know what Pilates equipment you will need to start. It is great news and a decision you will not regret!

Pilates is growing in popularity because it produces results and has been doing so for decades. Now you can even set up a home training studio that uses Pilates equipment similar to the original models designed by Joseph Pilates. And we know what kind of results he described!

Joseph and his classic Pilates method have so many legions of followers and part of that reason is that his Pilates team produced results. The good news is that the wide variety of Pilates equipment sizes has made the equipment more affordable and larger to fit our homes rather than just a gym somewhere.

Think about when Joseph Pilates started his Pilates method. During World War I, Joseph was in an English internment camp and began testing his exercises with wounded soldiers. Pilates started with those patients who were immobilized and in bed. To get them exercising, Joseph prepared their spring hospital beds, creating resistance to help them regain their strength. Sparkly! It was from this experience and experiment that Joseph developed the Pilates Reformer.

Fascinated with spring-based gear pieces, Joseph headed to New York in the 1920s. He had spent more time creating more spring-based gear, as well as pieces that had many movable bars and adjustable straps.

When he landed in New York, Joseph set out to succeed and there was no one to stop him. He had seen success with the Immobilized in England and believed in his product and method. Early during his time in New York, he began working with dancers to help them gain flexibility and lengthen their muscles, as well as to repair their bodies. He was fortunate to work with some very famous dancers who not only eagerly adopted the Pilates method, but also told others about it.

One of the features of the Pilates program is the Pilates Reformer. Like other pieces of Pilates equipment, the Reformer uses the resistance of the springs to create effort. The Reformer is made from a sliding platform anchored at one end of its spring-loaded frame. The user can move the platform by pulling on the ropes or pushing from a stationary bar. Thus, you gain the benefit of reform by addressing the challenge of moving the platform while balancing on a moving surface. The reformer can work sitting or standing.

Cadillac Pilates is another classic. This machine consists of a padded platform with a cage-shaped frame on top. It sounds a bit medieval ... I'm rambling ... The Pilates Cadillac has a variety of bars or straps attached to the frame by springs. See the topic ... Joseph Pilates loved springs and believed in them to create resistance!

Another piece of Pilates equipment is known as Pilates Barrel. This barrel is generally made with a sturdy wooden frame with well-cushioned foam and a curved vinyl shape. The Barrel is a simpler piece of equipment than the Reformer or Cadillac and is intended for use with work on exercise mats that open the upper back to improve flexibility and correct posture.

So just because you know what kind of Pilates equipment is out there and you know you can buy it for your home, but stop before you buy and think about it!

Pilates equipment should only be used at home after you have received the proper training from a certified Pilates instructor. With Pilates it is not only about learning to use the equipment, but you must also learn to breathe according to the methods of Joseph Pilates.

There are many great Pilates videos and Pilates DVDs you can use between sessions where you learn how to use your Pilates equipment with a certified Pilates trainer.

Pilates home equipment is an exciting proposition. Just take the time to research the equipment and learn what it is doing before you begin. Keep working with a coach and then enjoy the results of your training. Celebrate the new flexibility and mobility you will enjoy with Pilates.

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Aero Pilates is basically an extension of the original teachings of Joseph Pilates.