In the twenty first century, stress and poor posture are taking an increasing toll on our bodies. almost everyone has experienced that special kind of back pain that comes with working in front of our computer all day long.
wouldn't you like a program that brings relief from back pain, tension and stress and promotes relaxation?
Daniel Loigerot has designed this program to fit our modern lifestyle. the following exercises not only eliminate pain but also relieve tension, tone the body, improve shape, posture and vital function.
1)reverse curl up:
worked muscles: abdominal, triceps,
benefits: strengthen abs, articulate the spine, maintain ideal neck position
-lie on back with legs bent in a table position, place the Multitoner between the front of the upper thighs and hands
-exhale, swueeze the Multitoner while pulling both knees in toward your chest, without moving your arms, release slowly, inhale. repeat 5 to 10.

2)spine twist:
worked muscles: obliques, chest, arms
benefits: trim the waist down, strengthen chest , arm muscles, improve spinal mobility.
- sit on a mat, torso as tall as possible trying to maintain a perfect alignment, shoulders above the hips. place the Multitoner between the palms of the hands, arms ribcage, legs together and straight out.
- inhale while twisting the torso, exhale, squeeze the Multitoner, bend elbows drawing the Multitoner in toward the chest, return to center , repeat the other side. repeat 10 times
modification: sit on a phone book if hip muscles are too tight

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Author's Bio: 

For over 20 years, Daniel Loigerot has been shaping Professional Athletes, Principal Dancers, A-List Celebrities, Wall Street Bankers, CEOs and Equestrians by enhancing their strength, flexibility, positive balance and focus through Pilates. Daniel has made a name for himself throughout the world as a renowned wellness instructor and holds an elite certification in the Pilates Method for Body Conditioning from Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska, one of the last remaining Pilates disciple who was personally trained by Joseph Pilates. Daniel fell in love with the precision, control and effectiveness of Pilates the very first time he practiced, finding it an exercise that refreshes and energizes your body. Born and raised in Marseille, France, Daniel always believed that the key to success was focus, drive and commitment.