Pillow Under Hips To Get Pregnant: How To Use Pillow To Get Pregnant (Pillow Under Buttocks To Get Pregnant)

Are you among those diagnosed with a tilted uterus? You are probably focused on your pregnancy. Maybe you are searching for ways on how to get pregnant with a tilted uterus. The least that you can worry about having a tilted uterus is the inability of getting pregnant, there are actually plenty of solutions than can help your concerns about pregnancy.

The uterus is normally designed to be in a vertical position in a female's body. This makes the uterus a very suitable place for the developing fetus to live for the next 9 months until he is delivered. Recently, 20% of women suffer from abnormalities in the uterus; they have been diagnosed with a tilted uterus. This infirmity may result into problems in pregnancy and even end up with miscarriage sometime during the pregnancy.

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A tilted uterus can be the problem alone or it may be a result of a separate frailty like endometriosis. If it affects the pregnancy considerably, medical or surgical treatment must be resorted to in order to prevent further complications such as miscarriage.

Although it inhibits the pregnancy, it however does not affect much the ability of a woman to get pregnant. Following these simple strategies, women with a tilted uterus will feel no disadvantage in terms of probability of getting pregnant in comparison with the normal ones.

After having sex, the woman must put some pillows under her hips to elevate the hip portion of her body. This will provide the sperms a little help towards their journey to the fallopian tube. It can also change the position of the uterus for the meantime. As a result, the potential for getting pregnant gets higher.

Consult with your doctor and have yourself checked to see if you have other health problems such as endometriosis. Once it is found out that you have one, you should prioritize its remedy. By doing the contrary, you are going to have more severe complication aside from miscarriage and infertility. By treating endometriosis, your uterus may find its way back to its normal position and will no longer hinder your pregnancy or ability to get pregnant.

There is a surgical treatment called uterine suspension. With this procedure, the uterus is positioned into its ideal position. It is fixed so that it will face forward rather than backwards. This is a small operation which doesn't have that much rest afterwards. The wounds will heal in a few days provided that there is no infection.

These are just a few of the remedies that you can try to solve your problem on how to get pregnant with a tilted uterus. You can try other common strategies. It should however be always put in mind that a doctor's concurrence ought to always be sought before you follow a tip. A tilted uterus can never impede the likelihood of conceiving a child.

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I sometimes hear from people who want to get pregnant as soon as possible. To that end, they don't want to waste a single possible opportunity to conceive. Many equate having intercourse as just one more opportunity to successfully become pregnant.

I heard from a woman who said: "my husband and I have been married for a year and we have decided to become parents as soon as possible. We are very sexually active and have intercourse very often. This is good because I don't want to pass up any opportunity to get pregnant. But I'm wondering if this kind of very frequent sex will influence our baby's gender. Because I would really like to have a boy baby first. And basically, I plan to have sex every day after my period ends until I conceive. Will my plan help me to accomplish this?"

If You Have Sex Every Day In An Attempt To Conceive, Some Of Those Attempts Won't Matter Anyway:

When you have sex can influence your baby's gender. But quite frankly, there are only a handful of days per month when you can become pregnant. The rest wouldn't result in a pregnant anyway. A woman can only become pregnant right before, during, or right after ovulation. These fertile days are going to be different for every woman. Some women ovulate a couple of weeks after the end of their period. Others have earlier or later cycles. But these fertile days are the only time when the woman's egg can be fertilized by sperm.

Having sex before or after this fertile period can be fun and can enhance your relationship, but it isn't going to result in a pregnancy because the egg is not going to be available for fertilization at those times.

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So I don't want to say that all of those days are going to waste because clearly the couple enjoyed this schedule. But in terms of conception, all but a handful of days just aren't going to matter. So if you're only keeping to this schedule in order to conceive, you really don't need to do that. Instead, you could focus your efforts on your most fertile days. In fact, many believe that it's a good idea to abstain from sex right before you attempt to conceive to ensure that sperm counts are high. I'm not trying to discourage you from taking every opportunity, but I am telling you that only certain days allow for conception.

Sexual Frequency Is Not The Only Thing That Determines Your Baby's Gender:

As I said before, when you have sex can influence your baby's gender. Sex right before the egg is ready is better when you're trying for a girl. Sex after the egg is ready is better for couples who want a boy.

But there are so many other things to consider also. The sexual positions you use, whether the woman has an orgasm or not, and the PH of the woman all can influence the gender of your baby.

Daily Intercourse Really Doesn't Favor One Gender Over Another If You're Not Also Monitoring Ovulation:

It's very difficult for me to predict what gender the intercourse everyday scenario would give this woman. She hadn't mentioned her PH or any of the other variables. And, since she planned to have sex every day, she wouldn't be discouraging either gender by trying to time her conception.

So my gut feeling is that every day intercourse really doesn't favor one gender over another since you have no way of knowing which attempt of conception will be successful. Since this couple wanted a boy, my suggestion would be to begin testing for ovulation and PH after her period ended. She needed to make sure that she had an alkaline PH because this favors boys. She also might consider abstaining from sex as her ovulation approached. Once she got a positive reading indicating that ovulation had happened and her egg was ready, then that would be the optimal time to start having sex. Because having intercourse before ovulation makes girl babies more likely because the Y or boy sperm are short lived and they often are present in lower numbers once ovulation has actually occurred.

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The problem of vaginal odor is quite common in women and is certainly a very embarrassing situation for them. Though there are various treatments available for curing it, women often feel shy about discussing it openly even with doctors. Also, there is always a fear of plausible side effects after using various products. In such cases, it is best to employ some effective home remedies that can be really helpful in combating the irksome vaginal odor. Being natural, they do not even cause any side effects....

1. Make a natural douche with vinegar, live yogurt and some warm water. Place this solution in plastic syringe, meat blaster or douche bag. Lie down on back over your towel and gently apply the natural douche.

2. Make garlic tampons by dipping the peeled garlic cloves in olive oil (fresh). Refrigerate it for a while and wrap in thin cotton, cheese cloth or gauze and tie the ends. Use it like your tampon replacing the cloves every 4-5 hours.

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3. Have a soothing cool bath for relieving the irritation, burning sensations and itching of the vaginal area. Add some honey (1- 2 teaspoons) to the bathing water. As honey has antifungal and antibacterial properties, it is very effective in healing the yeast infection and thus the vaginal odor.

4. Tea Tree oil is also very beneficial in curing vaginal odor. Using the tea tree oil in the warm bathing water can do wonders in eliminating the foul smell due to the yeast infection.

It is always better to take precautions so that you do not develop any foul vaginal odor and yeast infections. You can prevent it by avoiding tight fits, perfumed vagina sprays, non organic soaps and wearing cotton panties instead of other fabrics like satin most of the time.

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What is candida is what one should first know and understand. Candida is an infection of the vagina which occurs in most women. It is even more severe than yeast infection and thereby causes much discomfort and uneasiness.

Is it a problem for which one needs to dash to the doctor or it is something that one can diagnose and treat safely in the privacy of the home?

1. Similar to yeast infection, candida causes tremendous irritation and burning in the region of the vagina. This is accompanied by an itchy sensation which becomes unbearable after a point.

Candida is more uncomfortable to handle because of the burning, the irritation and the itchy sensations accompanying it.

2. There is a severe secretion or discharge that accompanies the infection. The odor too is strong and causes discomfort in the region. The discharge is yellowish in color and tends to look somewhat like ricotta cheese.

The smell too is somewhat similar to that as in yeast infection.

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3. There is a certain amount of discomfort when having sex. There is redness and swelling along the genital area which adds to the discomfort especially during sex.

Sex, therefore, is best avoided during a time like this until the infection has been cleared totally.

4. You will be happy to know that yeast detection kits are now available in the market to help you check for the infection yourself before you think of seeing a doctor.

If confirmed about the infection of candida or yeast after the "try it yourself" detection kit, you could start on some of the home remedies itself to help you get rid of the infection.

If the kit has not confirmed the infection then you should see a doctor to diagnose the symptoms and give you correct treatment. Hygiene will of course always be of prime importance to handle such infections.

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