What is Pilonidal Sinus?

Pilonidal sinus is the problem or infection in the area between the buttocks. Pilonidal Sinus is an Italian term which means nest of hair. The main cause of this problem is ingrown hairs and it is common in youngsters of the age 20-30.

Common Symptoms of Pilonidal Sinus

    Pain or swelling in the infected area.
    Yellowish pus or discharge of blood having a foul smell.
    Painful lump or bulge under the skin.
    Physical Activities like riding a bicycle or doing sit-ups may be uncomfortable.

Pilonidal Sinus Treatment

It can be cured using medications if the area is not infected much otherwise surgery is required. Surgical treatment involves two methods – Open Surgery and close surgery. At Healing Hands Clinic LPP (Laser Pilonidalplasty) is used to treat this problem. A small cut is made and pus is drained out and the entire sinus tract is closed with a laser fiber.

The main advantage of using this technique is that there are negligible chances of recurrence and patient can return to normal work routine by the 5th day of surgery. The patient is discharged within 24 hours and wound healing takes 4 weeks. Recovery is much faster as compared to other conventional methods.

How do I feel during the surgery?

General anaesthesia is given before the surgery so it is just like going into deep sleep.

How do I feel immediately after the surgery?

As the anaesthesia wears off; the patient feels some discomfort but it could be handled with painkillers. After a couple of hours, you can have sips of water and after an hour thereafter regular diet could be taken.

How do I ensure appropriate wound care?

    Don’t use soap on an open wound as it may irritate the wound.
    If you have wound closed with stitches then avoid bath as wound needs to be dry for the first few days. But if you have an open wound then you can take a bath once a day.
    Don’t use powder in the surgery area.
    Use a soft towel or cloth to clean the area.
    Wear loose-fitting cotton clothes.
    Eat a diet rich in fiber to avoid constipation or to soften stools so that you don’t have to strain while defecation. As it may cause unnecessary strain on the wound area.

Advanced laser procedure LPP (Laser Pilonidalplasty) was introduced in India at Healing Hands Clinic. The number of patients has been treated successfully at HHC by internationally recognized doctors and surgeons. It has centers at Pune, Mumbai, Nashik, Bengaluru, Chinchwad, Baner, Chakan and Kothrud.

For more details visit: https://www.healinghandsclinic.co.in/pilonidal-sinus-treatment-centre/

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Colorectal Surgeon at Healing Hands Clinic