Stress, worries, panic, anxiety, depression, and problems with relationships lead to discomfort for anyone. Students and householders alike are suffering from the deteriorating lifestyle. Anxiety is an impediment to corporate business goals. Employee performance has been badly affected.

Customers look for convenience. Thus, the online counseling platform called Pinkymind was launched.

Pinkymind prepares a foundation to address mental issues and fight back against mental illnesses and burnout. Experts here deal with issues faced by stressed-out teenagers, disgruntled spouses and aid people who wish to take a step towards improving their mental health
Pinkymind repeated the success with launching its Android app on April 2nd. The health-conscious society backed the initiative with over 1000 downloads in just 25 days. Twenty percent of users have taken advantage of the app. Those who quietly wrestle with anxiety & depression use the app. Online Counsellors help clients in overcoming the depressing conditions.

The services will be extended sooner to include alternative therapy, gender identity issues and delivered in local languages.

Mental disorder is a taboo in society. Many people do not admit that they are or have suffered from the mental issue at some point. Mental fitness is not as well-thought-of as physical health.

The mental illness may look small, but it can be horrific if the situation is not attended early. Yet, because of the fear of social stigma, many people are shelling themselves. They fight hard to battle the problems alone. They still have to come out of their cocoon and seek help.

Pinkymind's first challenge is to become users ' virtual friend and gain their confidence and maintain their privacy. The Initial response indicates that the users are comfortable with Pinkymind app, repeat orders from clients show their confidence. To maintain client privacy the professional advice is provided by the therapists via chat & audio.

The motto is to help people recover their happiness.

Quick preview of Pinkymind
Pinkymind is an effort for emotional well-being. It offers a medium for online counseling via android app. The counselors online are proficient in psychological counseling and therapy.

What is the magic behind the name?
Pinkymind is named after the quest for peace of mind. The word ‘Pink’ resonates with hail and heartiness. Pinkymind precipitates sorrows and leads to a healthy & happy mind.

Online counseling saves clients from anxiety disorder without revealing their identity. Both parties are on the other side of the virtual world. A client can speak online to the advisor or therapist without hesitation.
To help with disheartening problems, the entire Pinkymind team is at client service. The team includes consultants, digital marketers, and other technical members.

Core Pinkymind team
The management of Pinkymind includes the founder, Stephen T Chacko. He mentors the team of Pinkymind. Being the torchbearer, he is passionate about serving mankind, touching lives and filling them with positive energy. He has worked in organizations which have changed many lives by providing jobs, financial freedom and good health for the past 20 years.

In 2010, Stephen experienced his first panic attack on an international flight. With this, he also developed claustrophobia and anxiety. It took him a long time to recover. The problems he faced nearly destroyed him, but he gradually recovered, supported by therapy, medicines, and meditation. This made him want to channelize the same kind of spirit and energy in others’ lives.
Instead of combating alone, Stephen and his colleagues worked on the concept. This includes 15 skilled psychologists, coaches, and mental health specialists. The team at Pinkymind strives to address and eliminate trauma for a happier and productive life.

Author's Bio: 

Stephen T Chacko
Founder & CEO
Social Entreprenuer with a vision to provide emotional support to billion minds. Startup enthusiast, Startup Sales & Operation Enabler, Mobile application developer.