Simply take a specialist setup where you go with the DDJ-800, a brand new compact 2-channel DJ functionality controller for dedicated use with all our specialist functionality program, rekordbox dj. The DDJ-800 is intended to assist you to get the most from the new features coming into the program with the launch of rekordbox™ ver. 5.5.0 today.

Inheriting the design design of our DJ control, the DDJ-1000 -- that has earned a solid reputation with professional DJs who play at parties, weddings, and events outside the pub surroundings -- the DDJ-800 packs a plethora of performance features to some lighter body.

The DDJ-800 is the initial parcel of hardware compatible with all the brand new Feedback Reducer attribute in rekordbox a,2 which reduces the"yelling" noise of mic feedback. The DJ controller also includes Color On Jog Screen, giving you all of the info that you will need for professional performances directly in the middle of every run wheel.

5.5.0 at no cost from If you possess a license key for a number of those rekordbox Plus options (rekordbox dj, movie, or dvs), you can update to the newest version of the Plus Package at no cost.

Pick out the DDJ-800 where you need thanks to its mobile design, which can be smaller compared to the DDJ-1000 by 22 percent in quantity and 1.3 kg in fat.

Colour On Jog Screen for quick reference and true performances

The DDJ-800 is the very first 2-channel control to incorporate high-definition LCD displays revealing details like playback period, BPM, and waveforms at the middle of every run wheel. You may opt to display whole art on the screens, helping you immediately recognize the monitor loaded onto a deck simply by taking a look at the jog wheel.

Feedback Reducer -- the very first characteristic on a DJ control to reduce mic"yelling"

Pass the microphone around with assurance. The DDJ-800 is the first control which supports the brand new Feedback Reducer attribute in rekordbox dj, which immediately finds the"yelling" frequency of opinions and brings it all down.

Club-style design and attributes

Play with all the DDJ-800 as though you're utilizing our flagship installation.

Use Feeling Correct to place the immunity on the run wheels to your favorite weight for spice and scratching up your own collections with the popular Audio Shade FX and Conquer FX out of our DJM mixer collection. You're able to immediately mention BPM and the title of the chosen FX without looking in the PC/Mac as a result of this committed Beat FX screen, which makes it effortless to utilize the FX whenever inspiration strikes.

Audio mixer attribute -- control-external input

And, once the control is attached to rekordbox dj, then you can use sound controllers news.

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