This is a year to test your skills, your tenacity. You will be discouraged at the start of the year 2011, but from March onwards, the situation will start changing. Good things will start coming to Pisces in 2011.

At work:

Pisces, this is not a year to start a business if you have any in mind; it is better to postpone it for more favorable times. You have an ability to work, and sometimes you get so involved as to neglect other facets of your life. You've been struggling a while to gain promotion at work, but putting efforts from March can improve your work situation.

Pisces, even if you do not work, you have an ability to adapt things is important. You can get an offer or a post in another sector of your own. Do not hesitate to try another activity as it can mean for a positive change in your life. Keep clear your goals and a make a good plan to work every day on these as this is the only way to achieve them. If you do not have a job, then your goal is to find a source of income. At this time, use your intelligence and your imagination to get the best out of the situation.

You have very good ideas. If you have in mind a business, note that the idea is important, and a novel idea will finally help to achieve finance..

In love:

Pisces sometimes are not the same to understand. Your partner tends to be confused because you sometimes isolate yourself and do not share things with him/her. By March, you will get good astral influences, and live wonderful moments. Passion, bonding with your partner and future plan is there in the coming times.

If you are single, you first have to overcome your fear to suffer and have to break the shell that you have created around you. This shell does not really let anyone to come in and know who you are. You need to be relaxed, and realize that once the things go wrong with you that do not mean it will always happen in the same way. You get much excited when you're with your partner, and if any problems or disruptions appear, it affects you much. In this year 2011, perhaps you will realize that someone is really close to you, he/she wants more than friendship with you.


You need to take more care of your immune system as this makes it easier to endure and fight with infections like flu, colds, and ear infections. If you're trying to lose weight, do so it slowly; do not pretend to get quick results as it can affect your health. Disciplines such as reiki and yoga can balance you. Your melancholy and pessimism sometimes can freeze with it. You need not to
be despair as good things will also come.

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