Pisces man, ruled by the planet Neptune, is a mysterious, dreamy, spiritual and sensitive man. A Pisces man does not seek power or social popularity and is idealistic and romantic who like to make the world a better place. You are a great listener and are generally very much appreciated. Often people can find you to give solutions to their problems.

The Pisces man is sensitive, but may become saturated with the problems of others as you tend to feel others’ problems as your own.

Pisces men, sometimes tend to "disappear" in need to be alone and reflect on things. Often Pisces men can be more concerned about the welfare of others than their own; such are the people committed to the UNDAF. You draw philosophy, Poetry and all the issues that relate to the unknown.

Pisces men at work:

Your dedication to service to others leads you to professions such as medicine or social work. Whatever the work done by the Pisces, you appreciate the good working environment and harmony. You need this harmony to work comfortably. Sensitive environments affect you more than any other signs.

The Pisces Man is not ambitious. You appreciate the peace and stability more than money.

Pisces men in love:

You are sensitive, passionate, and romantic and take care of every detail to make your partner feel special. The Pisces man often tends to be unrealistic and idealized to couples and then may become disappointed when you discover your ideal do not correspond with reality.

If the couple has good affinity to the intellectual and spiritual aspects, then defects of the couple get diluted.

The Pisces man needs to connect to the other person beyond the physical. You want your relation to be more than fleeing and superficial.

You are passionate, enjoy sensuality and are very attentive to your partner. You need a certain amount of romanticism. Pisces couple enjoys long walks, sunsets and mystical or spiritual connection.

You can sometimes be difficult to understand. However, your joyful spirit and charm make you a very dear person.

Pisces Compatibility:

Pisces are very compatible with Scorpio and cancer. You have also a good compatibility with Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus.

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