A franking machine saves your time and effort for sending a large volume of mail with varying postage amounts. It not only saves time sticking stamps on all your mail, but you will also save time queuing at the post office. It’s an easy and convenient way to improve your work efficiency.

We offer Pitney Bowes franking machines which are innovative products and solutions that enable commerce in the areas of customer information management, location intelligence, customer engagement, shipping and mailing and global e-commerce. It comes with an integrated weighing scale as standard and this allows you to weigh and calculate your postage easily and accurately all the time.

We provide solutions for your mailing room, fro office to robust, high volume solutions and we provide various designs which aim to meet the mailing requirements of each customer. With affordable options and privileged rates for metering, our franking machine offers a cost-effective solution for your mailing room.

Benefits of having a franking machine

• With the machine, you can pay the postage fees for letters and parcels conveniently.

• The machine prints the payment indications directly on the item or on an adhesive label.

• You can get a detailed breakdown of postage fees in product monitoring and a free transaction breakdown in the service portal.

• A shirt advertising message can also be stamped on the envelope.

A successful business requires speed as well as efficiency and business owners should be in a constant state of improvement, refining process and optimizing operations. Part of that strategy certainly includes mailroom operations, and a postage meter may be a central component of this improvement and our machines bring in those improvements by helping in expanding your business name and make personalized mail items for all your customers. You can also use a departmental account feature that will enable you to track your postage usage by department. This can be very useful for businesses wishing to track and monitor their emails.

Our franking machines are used by all sizes of companies – from large corporations to sole traders. There are no limitations on least or most extreme postage volumes and postage discounts for franked mail are connected to every single thing so you get rebates paying regardless of how many posts you send.

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