As the seasons change ... so do you. Have you ever become paralyzed when trying to make a decision?  Should you take that new position, go back to school, begin your own business, change your business model?  Maybe you get that gnawing pain in your gut because trying to decide is just too hard!  Struggling with indecision is like being stuck in the mud. Even the greatest leaders suffer from indecision at times. 

- Discover the power of pivoting by trusting your 'gut' and accepting the limiting thinking mind
- Learn the CHANGE process for successful forward movement
- The power of Letting go for more change
Learn the CHANGE process for forward successful movement

·       Practice letting go to accept more

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Denise Hansard, Life Architect, Pricing Expert, Motivational Speaker, & Author of Suffering In Comfort, is an expert in transformation. Through her Southern style of storytelling, masters in counseling and life coaching certification, Denise shares how your past story doesn’t define your future ... all while having fun.

With 20 years of corporate work as a Certified Pricing Professional, Denise’s passion is to help entrepreneurs in the Art & Science of Pricing, packaging you & your business for profitability and owning it all. Denise travels from Chicago to bring her message to audiences from all walks of life.  Her talks have been experienced by hundreds. She shares her message via live talks, keynotes, retreats & workshops to organizations & people willing to stop playing small in life. Denise truly is one of a kind!

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Start Date: 08/13/2020 11:30 AM
End Date: 08/13/2020 01:30 PM
Timezone: US/Central, Informal Networking 11:00am
Location: Online-ZoomUnited States
Chapter: Twin Cities, MN

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