This blog is unpunctuated allowing you to expand your wisdom in a free flowing way. Because punctuation stops the flow of the vision in the subliminal landscape.

Pizzazz-Zing Terra Incognita

Eye unleash my courageous curiosity unlocking my enterprising energies to explore my pizzazz zing terra incognita untethering my pioneering life-force to voyage into vivid vibrant vivacities of vivacious vagueness

Opens out this premonition when I say I am spiritual being having a human experience a I subliminally focus on my humanness rather that spiritual therefore how is everything I know everything I ever been taught and egotistically thinking

I am smarter than somebody is and always will be my biggest limitation realizing when I am in state of thinking and knowing disengages me from listening to my core wit seeing my daily life as my seeds of wisdom

Because I am listening to be right and to show I know more than everybody are worn out paradoxes I choose to fissure and release now expand out of beyond

Umembarrasingly liberates me from the societal corporate educational cloning expansively expands me into loving my pizzazz zing terra incognita that boldly beams to universe

I am an enterprising energy unleashing my spiritual sapience expanding my wisdom engaging my unconquerable heart energizing my enterprising genius unleashing my entrepreneurial utopian vehemently valuing

My razor sharp focus attunes my universal megastar magnetism harmonizing the ethers with my intentions empowers me to appreciate my savant soul I see in the mirror authorizes my core scenery to understand my eyes are my window to my soul as my eyes are my souls window to the universe

Unfettering a new peerless acuity my fertile field’s copious copiousness will be harvested instantly the nano-second I audaciously choose to cleverly cultivate my artistic ambiguity uncovering and discovering new-fangled wisdom that fantastically

Unclutters my inner decor personifying impeccable zenith zip amplifies zestful zealous zooming intuitive nirvana triumphantly energizing robust richness applauding incredible nimble omnipotence galvanizing invincible tantalizing acumen

Opens out newborn crystal clear understanding to experience my expansive enlightened state of sentience that unshackles a neonatal cognition that my sentience is a metaphysical quality of all things that requires respect and care is myself first authorizing to love my pizzazz zing terra incognita

Clearly unbridles a resourceful revelation that when I undauntedly respect myself for who I am relishing that I have the guts to voyage into terra incognita purifies my realizations that by paying attention to my bold inquisitiveness aligns and energizes my desires visons emotions thoughts and feelings

To feel the outcome in my heart mind temple spirit soul DNA reveals to me my body is my temple sanctioning triumphant emancipation manifesting prosperity loving everyday everybody everything synchronizes

All my senses to undeniably savor my cherished outcomes instantly sanctions me to adamantly mind my own business unashamedly gluing my attention on my visions and desires understanding my lavish avalanches of opulent abundances are waiting patiently in my universal terra incognita

I now comprehend when I let go let my Yahweh opens my I am I can I expand moxie to live and reside inside my heaven on earth chateau allows me to unconditionally respect everything and everybody

As my teachers by minding my own business allowing them to live life their way as I listen to winds of wisdom idyllically blowing to enrich my experiences in a regal robust way

As I am graciously sipping the fine wines of wisdom intuitiveness nirvana easy-listening serenity my queenly terra incognita shows me healthier wealthier way
To kayak down my rivers of ambiguity sail on my seas of success yacht on my oceans of wealth soar in universal wisdom wealth innovation affluence loving today harmonizing the airwaves with lissomness love in an prolific philosophizing way

Thank You
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Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching is hypnotherapy, NLP, with an enterprising spirit show you a healthier wealthier way to experience your life.

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