Australia is experiencing one of the most prosperous stages of its economy. Tourism and immigration have attracted millions of people to Australian territory, increasing the demand for goods and services. For that reason, millions of new companies are founded every year.

With so many new companies in the country, surely the old printed telephone books would need thousands of pages and too small letters to contain such a large amount of information. Fortunately, technology has made it unnecessary to use ink and paper to record valuable information. Through the Internet and mobile devices, we can access any kind of data in real time, no matter where we are.

Google Maps is one of the greatest technology inventions to search georeferenced information. Nowadays, to know how to get to a place, it isn’t necessary to ask a stranger in the street. You only need to point your destination on the map of your smartphone and the GPS location technology will help you find the shortest route.

Unfortunately, things aren’t so easy all the time. When there isn’t enough information in Google Maps database, finding local information is impossible. Many major companies in Australia usually keep their contact information updated on Google Maps. However, some small companies don’t even know how to create an account in Google My Business to appear in Google Maps.

However, if the local information about a certain company doesn’t appear in Google Maps, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist in any other website. In fact, there’s a huge database with geo-referenced information on hundreds of thousands of Australian companies. Its name is Place Advisor Australia.

On Place Advisor Australia you’ll find valuable information about every important Australian business that you imagine. From small artisan companies to large industries. Everything you can’t find about Australia on Google Maps will surely be on Place Advisor.

Place Advisor also shows you what millions of people around the world think about the services of a certain Australian Business. Many people don’t trust the five-star and comments systems commonly used on the Internet to qualify a certain company. It’s true that many people who share their opinions haven’t even tried the services of the companies or are predisposed in favor or against.

However, the opinions issued in Place Advisor are verified and compared with the rest of the opinions from other users, to guarantee that the published information is 100% true. That’s why, if a certain company has a 5-star reputation in Place Advisor, you can undoubtedly trust the quality of its services.

Now you know what to do when you're trying to find the contact information and address of a certain local company in Australia and you can’t find anything on Google Maps. You just have to visit the official website of Place Advisor Australia, write the keywords on the search bar and click on the search symbol.

In a few seconds, you’ll find all the information you need and you’ll know the shortest way to get there. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t waste any more time and do it now!

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