Leading volunteering service providers offer volunteer programs throughout Costa Rica. Specific locations are known to vary from project to project like the turtle projects are specified in the limited locality only.

Through this article, we’ll gather more information about the placement descriptions related to volunteer programs for Costa Rica.

Childcare work

The main objective of the childcare program is to offer individual attention as well as assistance to the children belonging to different backgrounds in the region. The childcare work is designed to work against unemployment, poverty and homelessness.

The participants are asked to work with the community centers, kindergartens, daycare centers, orphanages, schools, soup kitchens and much more to share affection with the children, educate them and pay attention to them for their distinct type of needs and requirements. The programs also involve the organizing of games to share affection with the children along with educating them regarding hygiene, etc.

Eco-Agriculture Conservation

Eco-Agriculture Conservation is another program meant for Costa Rica volunteering services. Here, the participants are focused to support the local communities in coffee production operations. Reforestation along with caring for the community are some other works associated with the program. Eco-Agriculture conservation project tasks are determined after making it sure that the volunteers will be supported by the families residing on the farms.

Tasks which are also associated with the conservation projects include cropping of fruits, reforestation, vegetables farming and much more.


Talking about healthcare, the health care system in the place is more developed as compared to others. Supporting local nurses by working with various local institutions like clinics for disabled children, large urban hospitals, nursing homes, ambulance services, etc, are the tasks which are involved in the projects.

To make the projects successful, the abilities, level of training, personality, age and demonstrated expertise are checked of the participants so that right task can be assigned to every participant.

Renovation projects

Next are the construction projects to support the communities in Costa Rica. As far as placement descriptions are concerned, the renovation or construction projects are meant for the individuals to work on a number of buildings including orphanages, schools, community centers and much more. One is required to have good energy levels; dedication and right level of fitness to enable one get most out of the project.

Whatever is the program; the volunteers in Costa Rica are escorted to the project and are introduced to the local staff they will be working with.

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