What To Do In Sri Lanka

As an adventure enthusiast, you would always be looking for a point of interest which will create thrills and excitement during every moment of your stay. When considering what to see in Sri Lanka and what to do in Sri Lanka, there are so many options just waiting to be discovered by such adrenaline junkies. Therefore a majority of tourists who arrive in the island are those who look forward to engaging in very thrilling holiday experiences which are quite unique to this little island paradise.

Sri Lanka is a lovely little country which has gained world recognition for many reasons. Among these is being the best location to offer the best conditions to have the most exciting adventures. Since there are so many options of things to do, the ideal would be to try as many as you can and have time for. You will also not have to worry too much about the budgets related to what to do in Sri Lanka because this is a country that eagerly waits to welcome such travellers, and most of these activities are either free of charge or available at a very reasonable price. You will also as an added bonus be able to say you visited a point of interest and have been privileged to visit places of interest Sri Lanka.

Best Mountain Hiking Locations in Sri Lanka

The hill country of the island is one of the best places of interest Sri Lanka for many reasons. Among all of these the amazing mountain ranges decorated by beautiful waterfalls and lush greenery make such locations ideal for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy thrilling activities such as mountain hiking. The natural beauty of these locations is preserved at its best, thus giving hikers the ability to enjoy breathing fresh air and explore nature’s display of what to see in Sri Lanka.

Leading the list of best mountain hiking locations and what to see in Sri Lanka is the amazing Horton Plains National Park which is a protected reserve which acts as a safe haven for many rare and endemic species of fauna and flora. The amazing scenery of World’s End and popular waterfalls in the area will make the entire hike to the plains a very rewarding experience. The following are some other locations which can also be considered as point of interest.

  • Adam’s Peak
  • Ella Rock
  • Knuckles Mountain Range
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