There are some great places to visit in Madhya Pradesh including Satpura national park. Heritage places full of history, natural places full of life. Be wild, stay serene, learn, observe, and explore. Here are just a few options to consider!


This is a beautiful place to head to, seeing it rise from the hills with so much greenery and life around it. You can see the Jahangir Mahal and the Raja Mahal and there are other things to see in town including the Ram Raja Temple, the Lakshmi Narayan temple and the Chaturbhuj temple. Want to get out of town? Take a Barua Agar excursion, to the dam on the Betwa river.


If you really enjoy visiting old temples how about the 9th to 12th century temples that are UNESCO world heritage sites in Khajuraho. Proof of the architectural skill of the Chandela dynasty there were 85 temples at one time, though now 22 remain. You have them grouped into three categories according to their location, the southern, western and eastern temples.


This is a very popular place for tourists to head to. The reservoir itself in Hoshangabad is stunning and a place where you can enjoy adventure activities if that is your style, or just explore and enjoy the natural beauty. It is an enormous reservoir being 1,815 m long and is between the western edge of the also fantastic place to visit the Satpura national park and the Bori Wildlife sanctuary. Looking for an amazing wildlife adventure and sightings of the magnificent tiger? Head to the Satpura Tiger Reserve.


If you need to see more tigers then check out the Pench Tiger Reserve in the lower parts of the Satpura Hills. Also the setting of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’ so truly a must-see! The name comes from the Pench River that meanders through the reserve. Amazing landscapes with valleys, hills and forests create a real sense of being truly immersed in nature. As well as looking for Tigers there are many mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians to find too.


Another gorgeous and scenic place to head to is Pachmarhi especially if you love hiking, trekking and cycling. You can also experience things like parasailing with the Satpura range so close. Feel like you are flying or go enjoy the caves or the Bee Falls.


There is a lot to see and experience and learn about in the region of Madhya Pradesh as well as the most awesome Satpura tiger reserve. So much plant life, animal life, history, and more. Whether you are looking for a more spiritual connection and experience, or wanting to learn more about and help with conservation efforts, it is all there. If you prefer being active, hiking, caving, parasailing, and tons of adventure sports are also available. There is so much to do you might even need to organise a return trip to catch the places you were not able to see on your first visit!

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