There are a lot of things to do and place to visit in India, but if you are looking specifically for opportunities for great pictures, a chance to see amazing sights and feel awe-inspired then two places to see are outlined below. Be ready to take the best picture of your life.

Jims Jungle Retreat

This is a great place to take a break for people who want to experience the amazing wildlife and also enjoy luxury lodgings at the same time. Listen to a local tusker as you eat an expertly prepared dinner. Or head out to see them in person to view them amongst the natural world. Lie in the most comfortable of beds and hear the growl of a tiger who is patrolling and guarding his territory. Relax on your terrace from where you can see all kinds of species of birds, plant life, and animals rustling around you. Or if you are feeling more adventurous head out on a trail, take a night walk with one of our experts and see things you want during the day. Nesting jackals, a fleeing civet cat, and more.

So many opportunities for pictures, to learn about the hundreds of creatures and plants in the reserve, and to relax in the best lodgings without having to leave the reserve. Jims Jungle Retreat is a place where you can celebrate nature and experience many wonders in a safe place. Across 15 acres of water, thick forest and grassland you can have the best time. Head out on some bikes and take some cycling expeditions, go on bird-watching walks, and go on a jeep safari. Whatever adventure you choose to have, it will be full of knowledgeable and friendly staff, a comfortable and luxurious stay and varied and stunning scenery. It is a stay you will never forget.

Vanjangi hill station

The village Vanjangi is in Andhra Pradesh in the Visakhapatnam district in Paderu Tehsil.  It is 125 km from Visakhapatnam and just 8 km from Paderu. It is not the village itself though that is the attraction for a growing number of photographers, naturists, and tourists. It is the vantage point nearby. Being more than 1 km above sea level during the morning when the sun is rising it offers the most amazing view. Clouds floating endlessly around hit with golden sunlight it has been nicknamed the Ocean of Clouds or Megha Samudram viewpoint. The best time to head there is in the winter, count on mesmerising images, flowering green plants, foggy water, pollution free scenery.

Vanjangi hill station is truly a sight to behold and is suitable for all ages. With just the village nearby and no accommodation for visitors, it should either be a trip you take coming from elsewhere for the day, or you could turn it into an opportunity to camp out! Be prepared for high altitudes and an awe-inspiring sight every morning when the sun rises. To get there you can travel by car. The closest town is 80 km away called Analapalle. There is no rail close to the village, you would have to head to Anakapalle by train and then from that town arrange to be driven or drive from there. When travelling by bus you again cannot get close to the village. You could head to either V.Madugula APSRTC bus station, Paderu APSRTC, or G.Madugula APSRTC. Then again from there, you would need to organise another way.


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