Places To Touch That Turn Women On Wildly: How To Keep A Woman Happy In Bed - How To Properly Pleasure A Woman

The entire body is a myriad of sensitive nerves and a woman gets highly aroused with the touch of your fingers at any of the places on her body. The way to touch her and run your fingers over her body should be light and erotic in nature.

The point to remember though is that you should begin with the more exposed parts of a woman's body rather than make a dart for the covered parts first.

No woman likes it to appear like an 'attack' on her. She gets excited by all the fondling and caressing you do.

Start with the inner arms- Begin stroking gently with your fingers on the inner arms and then run your fingers along the forearms as well. The shoulders too are sensitive to the touch of a man's fingers, so run your fingers and caress her shoulders too.

Move upwards to the nape of her neck and along the hairline at the forehead. All this touching will arouse her gradually.

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Move to the thighs and legs next- Now move to the lower limbs and gently massage her ankles and feet. Run your fingers up to the inner side of her thighs and stroke and caress her along the thighs.

You may also kiss and run your tongue along the thighs to gently tingle her further.

The breasts are highly sensitive- As you undress and expose her breasts you should start stroking her on the mounds of each of them fondling and massaging them simultaneously.

Gently squeeze and twitch the nipples between your index or middle finger and thumb. The nipples begin to swell and become firm as you do so.

The clitoris and vagina- The clitoris and the vagina are highly sensitive parts which will make her orgasm as you touch and stimulate these areas. The vaginal lips and the clitoris too swell with excitement at your touch.

These are the highly sensitive parts to touch when you wish to turn a woman on wildly.

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5 Things You Must Do To Totally Blow Any Woman's Mind In The Bedroom And Give Her Great Sex

1. Never Ask For Sex

When a man asks a woman for sex he instantly becomes less attractive to her.

So never do this.

Instead, you must take the lead and instigate the sex. As a man, that's your job and it's what women want.

2. Keep Thinking Of New Things To Try In The Bedroom

Most men do the same couple of positions and sex techniques over and over again and this bores women to death in bed.

To give your woman GREAT SEX, keep trying new things. This keeps things exciting and prevents boredom.

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3. Get Vocal And Talk Dirty

For every woman, sex is much more than just a physical act.

The truth is that for a woman, sex is a physical and MENTAL act.

Therefore, as a man, you must stimulate your woman's mind in the bedroom. To do this you must start talking dirty.

Dirty talk drives women crazy.

In fact -- women need dirty talk in order to have GREAT SEX. For a woman, silent sex is lame sex.

4. Be A Little Rough

Women like rough sex.

They do not want tepid, soft, slow, love-making.

Instead, they want to feel like they are in bed with a REAL MAN.

They want to be ravaged with passion.

Try lightly holding your woman's arms down as you do her in the missionary position.

Try using handcuffs.

Try slapping her ass whilst you do it doggy-style.

Try grabbing her hair.

Whatever -- the bottom line is that women LOVE stuff like this and they want you to do it.

5. Give Her More Than Just Clitoral Orgasms

Most men give their women clitoral orgasms.

But the truth is that women are capable of experiencing incredible amounts of sexual pleasure and many different types of orgasm.

If you want to give your woman really GREAT SEX, give her what most men will never give their women -- wild, screaming, VAGINAL ORGASMS.

Vaginal orgasms are crucial if you want to blow your woman's mind and have her call you 'the best she's every had'.

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Method #1: Talk sensually. Turn your girl on with your words for the ultimate kind of success. This happens to work through both sensual talk and dirty talk. You can trigger orgasms in girls by arousing them right before sex and keeping the arousal going until the very end.

Your girl may not even realize it, but she will end up playing your words over and over again in her mind to spice up her fantasies. This will make her think about nothing but you and make her want to jump into bed with you even when you are not around.

Method #2: Move sensually. Two essential erogenous zones exist that you have to take special notice of: the clitoris and the g-spot. The clitoris is quite easy to find as it protrudes right from the vagina; it looks like a pea and can be found under the fleshy mound. However, finding the g-spot is a bit more difficult. To actually locate it, you need to understand the relevance of anatomy first.

Around 2.5 inches inside the vagina, behind the clitoris, there will be a spot that you have to massage up and down. Doing this will lead you to the utmost success in giving your girl an orgasm - even better than having actual sex with her!

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Finding the female g spot is one of the most difficult things to do especially when you don't exactly know where it's located. You see not all women are the same due to which finding her g spot becomes an even more difficult task. Finding the g spot will give you the power to pleasure her in ways she has only dreamed about and at the same time you will be able to make her orgasm extremely fast as g spot stimulation is the fastest possible way known to man kind to make a girl orgasm. This is the reason why finding the g spot becomes even more important for many males out there. Read on to discover some of the most effective ways to find the g spot and make her scream with absolute pleasure.......

It is the size of a bean- The female g spot is generally as big as a bean and you will actually feel it when you come to know the exact location of it. G spot stimulation has been known to be so effective that it can make any woman orgasm within a matter of a few minutes and it is also said that once you find the g spot you will also be able to make a woman achieve multiple orgasms one after the other.

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So where is the female g spot? - The exact location of the g spot is actually 2 or 3 inches inside the vagina right at the beginning. It is basically at the front wall of the vagina right below her pelvic bone. People often say that the location differs from woman to woman but the difference is not much as location of it is more or less the same.

Finding the g spot effectively? - Now this technique would help you stimulate the g spot directly every single time. You see people often say that finding the g spot is a very difficult job but the fact of the matter is that with the right technique you can easily locate the g spot and give her instant stimulation. Insert your middle two fingers into her vagina and take your finger up in an upward motion. Doing this would instantly stimulate her vagina and you will feel a bean like thing growing. This means that you have been successful in finding the g spot and it will grow as she gets more aroused.

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