Taking a break from your reckless lifestyle, an escape from the mundane is undeniably important to nurture your mind and soul. It can be a long exciting tour or a short weekend vacay, a trip to your relative’s home or a solo expedition to an offbeat destination, travelling is a requisite. Now, while sorting out the list of destinations to visit, Andhra Pradesh is one of the most fascinating indeed, featuring a magnificent blend of rich culture, history, diversity and wildlife. And, during your tour to this divine state will surely remain incomplete if you fail to visit Araku Valley by any chance.

Here’s what you need to know about Araku Valley

Araku Valley is considered to be an incredible hill station that hosts a myriad of coffee plantations, breathtaking landscapes, lush greenery, mesmerizing coffee plantations, gigantic ancient caves and cascading waterfalls. Its less-commercialized, serene and untainted vistas make it the ultimate place for itinerants with the strong desire to explore the unexplored. Thus, here’s a quick pick on the must-visit, fascinating places which, you consider before choosing the right Vizag to Araku tour package.

Borra Caves

Situated at a distance of around 90 km from Vizag, this magnificent tourist destination hosts a glorious history of around 150 million years old. The caves comprise of a plethora of stalagmite and stalactite formations which, come in a variety of shapes that resemble some of the Hindu deities and prehistoric stone tools which, are believed to be around 30000 to 50000 years old.

Galikonda View Point

Galikonda View Point is around 30 km away from Araku Town. You can opt for a Visakhapatnam to Araku Taxi service and visit the Galikonda View Point and Ananthagiri Coffee Plantations. Being the epitome of grandeur and charm, it features breathtaking views of the spectacular valley, beautiful cottages, misty mountains and soul-stirring aura.

Tribal Museum

This enthralling, beautiful museum features some of the rarest artifacts, which offers an alluring glimpse of the traditional culture, customs and lifestyle of tribal people settled in the Eastern Ghats. It showcases exquisitely-crafted modes which, resembles the tribal dance forms naming Mayur and Dhimsa and their traditional attire.

Apart from the aforesaid, a list of other spectacular destinations including Katiki Waterfalls, Padmapuram Gardens, Chaparai Water Cascade can also be in your consideration while travelling to this place of exquisite allure and charm.

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Mr. Sarbasis Mondal is an ardent itinerant, a prolific columnist and has written many travel-based write-ups on Andhra Pradesh tourism, while sharing about his fascinating travelling experiences and guiding how to choose the right Vizag to Araku tour package.