A lot of times you might have seen pictures of the travellers over water villas and bungalows giving a feel of absolute paradise. Here, we are talking about the mesmerizing seaside and over the sea huts surrounded all around with blue waters and looks extremely gorgeous and secluded. The reason why no random person can opt for the same villa is its extremely high cost. Not everyone is able to afford stay at such a luxurious and beautiful place. Because of different choices of people, it is difficult to find whether this place is loved or hated the most. We have compiled here the list of pros and cons that will help you decide if you should or should not opt for these luxury hotels in Paxos.

Front row seats: This may seem like an odd feature but having lounge chairs at a prime ocean location and views is definitely we cannot resist to have an experience at. Many properties located near seaside also offers areas to lounge right in the villas themselves. Everyone enjoys relaxing with a view of the water and even these lounge areas offer easy access to all your stuff by just walking up a few stairs.

Private jumping deck: For those who are kid-at -heart and are afraid of jumping off freely, now there are no worries about splashing your neighbour or disrupting their tanning sessions. You are free to dive in as and when you want. This private jumping deck will make you feel as if you have your own private slice of ocean in front of you.

A room with a beautiful view: These sea side or over-water villas offers a room with a view as well as a balcony wherein you can enjoy your morning coffee and evening cocktails from the privacy and within the comfort of your room. You need not have to worry about the seclusion and privacy of who can see in the room either. Additional features of renting such spaces for your holiday space is that there is no noise from other guests and you can enjoy the company of your loved one wholly and solely at a place far away from the daily chaos.

Incredible sunset and sunrise views: What else can be better than having a refreshed and vibrant morning and evening? As soon as you wake up you can feel those refreshing wind, positivity and peace all around. Isn’t it a great feeling to share a glass of champagne with your loved one watching the setting sun light up the sky. This view is such a romantic time to spend with love of your life. Do not miss living these little moments together.

Limited dining options: Not all over-water villas are located on the secluded islands and this means that there is limited access to places to dine in i.e. the restaurants are located off the property that aren’t easily accessible. You only can have the food available at the villa but that seems to be bit expensive and hence, a person can afford staying at this beautiful place for a maximum of four days.

Not completely secluded: No such villa is located at a place that is completely secluded, you will surely come across a few people in the ocean and in their balconies. These overwater villas are constructed into the ocean rather than a straight line so that you can have glimpses of the people holidaying around you nearby your villa.

Limited activities: Since the motive behind the construction of this overwater villa is to offer utmost relaxation to the visitors, there is least arrangement of activities outside your standard water options.

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The holidays are meant to relax from the busy office lives, spend time in exploring and relaxing with the one you are traveling with. Ensure having a look at these pros and cons before you book any such luxury hotels in Paxos for your holiday stay. Also, consider your budget and your motive behind the travel.