Vietnam is fast becoming as one of the most sought-after destinations for travelers from various regions around the world. It is probably the natural beauty, the wonderful weather, or the relatively cheap prices of the country that lures many tourists to spend their holiday in Vietnam. What is it really that grabs the attention of various travelers to explore a country like Vietnam?

Vietnam presents a wide spectrum of attractions in almost all the destinations it has within its boundary. There are lush green fields full of harvesting crops that are contrasted with high mountains and lovely beach resorts. You will be able to choose different options from mountain hiking or even taking a bicycle trip to even a cruise through the ocean waters.

Several destinations in Vietnam stand as a witness to the ancient history of the country. The Vietnam Family Holiday package is meticulously handpicked and designed by experts to give you and your family a memorable and enjoyable trip.

Being blessed with beautiful coastlines, bright green mountains, mesmerizing national parks, lively cities and long cultural heritage, the ancient city of Hoi An is one such place among several others. Time has not been able to wear off the ruins of this 200 years old ancient city that was at one point a bustling city of trade and commerce. Then there is Hue that is an ancient capital of Vietnam. Even in its journey through the passage of time that also saw the destruction of war this unique heritage site of Vietnam still attracts thousands of tourists each year.

Nicknamed as the lost paradise, Sapa is relatively isolated from the rest of the country. Located more than 700 kilometers away from Hanoi, the area is famous for its many green slopes where rice are planted for agricultural purpose, the area is featured with the presence of many touristic resorts and hotels to meet the demand of every tourist.

While in Sapa, never miss the chance to ride in the newly developed chairlifts in one of the most notable rides you would ever have. Another quite recommended place to explore in Sapa is the love waterfall that is a marvelous place never to be missed by any tourists who travel to Vietnam.

Hanoi is known as the ‘the city with the river’s bend’ and it has a rich cultural heritage which blends in harmony with the growing modernization. The Old Quarter has a rich historic charm which is a huge crowd puller. You can also find quite a big number of shops, stalls, eateries, and restaurants lining the narrow alleys.

Hoan Kiem Lake is also one of the tourist charmers which delights the tourist with its soulful body of water situated in the heart of Hanoi and is the pride of the Vietnamese. There is also an amazing water puppet theatre known as the Thang Long, for tourists interested in arts and architecture alongside the Van Mieu or the Temple of Literature.

Nha Trang means ‘white sand’. This beautiful bay is covered in white pristine sands, which stretches for miles. This Vietnam coastline is a spectacular spot enjoyed by many tourists. Nha Trang Cathedral is an elegant building in French Gothic style and adorned with stained glass windows. A day on the boat is another added attraction as the tourists can gorge on sumptuous seafood, enjoy the sights of the fishing villages and snorkel and swim in crystal clear water.

The families can also enjoy and witness the presence of diverse cultures around the city. Vietnam hotels also comprise of some of the best hotels across the world. They provide an exquisite combination of luxury and comfort to its customers. Moreover, there is something for everyone that is there are plenty of options for the customers to choose from. Quality of service is ensured by Vietnam city as a whole. They are known for their friendly nature and respectful behavior.

Vietnam has many famous landmarks and has an amazing history and culture to it, so it’s no wonder that it’s becoming one of the most popular places of tourism in the world at the moment. With so many luxury hotels and accommodations present, and some amazingly fun tours and travel styles, you can really see Vietnam in style and elegance when signing up for the right package.

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