Amendment 2 passed in 2016 lead to the legalization of cannabis products like oils, spray, capsules, tinctures, edibles and many more for medical purposes. Previously smoking marijuana was banned but by the start of 2019, this ban was lifted. Marijuana is only allowed if you have your medical marijuana card identity.

How to get a medical marijuana card, Naples:

If you have any of the conditions like cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV/AIDs, PTSD and other qualifying diseases and you are a permanent or seasonal resident of Florida you can apply for medical marijuana card and get marijuana in Naples.

You must get your qualifying condition approved by a licensed physician. To get your condition determined and your recommendation from a qualified physician you need to set an appointment with him. After assessing your condition on the day of the visit he will write your recommendation.  This will help you to obtain your medical marijuana card Naples and you can legally buy medical marijuana products.

If you are looking for a qualified physician you should contact Dr. Athina Kyritsis of MyFloridaGreen. She is in practice since 1992 and all your information will be kept secure through HIPAA-compliant source.

How to buy medical marijuana in Naples.

Collier County has banned dispensaries in Naples, therefore, you won't be able to find any marijuana dispensaries in Naples.

You have 3 options to get marijuana in Naples:

Drive out of Naples to any neighboring county to purchase marijuana
Get your marijuana delivered at your doorstep. This will include delivery cost which can exceed your budget.
     A most convenient option is to partner up with a good caregiver who will take care of your cannabis needs. As they will also providing marijuana to others too therefore, the fuel and delivery cost will be divided and you have to pay less for your marijuana.
Rules for consuming marijuana:

 Always stay in Law to legally use marijuana for your health benefits. MyFloridaGreen is here to remind you and help you to stay within the law. Remember the following rules set by the state.

You can purchase or possess only 70days of supply
You are not allowed to grow your own marijuana
Purchase only through approved and licensed dispensaries.  Buying from street vendors and third parties are strictly banned
Smoking is no longer banned.
No impaired driving
Don't consume marijuana in public
Renew your card every seven months for $199

Is marijuana safe?

In US marijuana has been labeled as a schedule I drug which makes it illegal at the federal level. But there are more than 10 to 15 drugs that are dangerously deadly than cannabis.  This includes some legal drugs like alcohol, nicotine, etc. Opioids are prescribed and used in the US as pain killers but these pain killers kill almost ten thousand people in America every year.  Medical marijuana is one of the safest drugs as it has never killed anyone. Cannabinoids and THC are safe. The Drug Awareness Warning Network Annual Report published by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) states that there has never been a death that occurred due to the use of marijuana. The natural and safe form of marijuana is even safer than many of the foods we consume.

If you have any doubts or queries relating to marijuana get in touch with MyFloridaGreen or visit our website and get benefit from our online resources.


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Those who are looking for a medical marijuana card in Naples or all over Florida and who do not have any idea about medical marijuana card they should visit My Florida Green. My Florida Green makes getting your Florida Medical Marijuana Card easy. HQ in Naples. Those who want to have access to medical marijuana in Naples will need to have a qualifying condition as determined by a medical doctor.