One of the best scenarios is that you contemplate tomorrow’s happenings the night before and jot down a few notes. There’s nothing like leaving the house to be on your way and realizing you’ve forgotten a couple of things when you are already there or you don’t have names and phone numbers to accomplish tasks. Be efficient and find more time for yourself; it’s amazing where it comes from.

Some days twenty four hours just isn’t enough. Well, that’s not going to change, so the only really great thing to do is to become well-organized and make things happen. You know it, “only you can change your life.” I’ll be here to support you as long as you like; providing you with encouragement to persevere and be patient on our journey together. How about we take a look at typical situations where we seem to allow time to dwindle when we could be just a little more efficient and bank that time for ourselves or just appreciate it and allow us to possibly not rush from A to B.

~Morning Routine: a tad of preparation the night before and your morning happenings can be much smoother and time efficient. Why not compose your agenda the night before and be thoroughly aware of what you are in store for in the morning.

~Grocery Shopping: A list goes a long way in to making this chore much more time friendly and allows you to get in and get out. Who knows, maybe you’ll even save a little bit of money.

~Clean Up: letting things pile up gets overwhelming. If you have a moment here and there look around for a quick job that you could take care of in a jiffy; before you know it you’ll be knocking out your cleaning list on a daily basis and avoiding pile ups.

~Doing Laundry: have a sorting procedure in your laundry room and separate your wears as they are shed from your day of activity; that way they never accumulate and become a major chore by themselves. Consider doing a load of laundry a day if need be.

~Running Errands: group like duties together and organize outings according to vicinities.

~Working out: have your clothes and paraphernalia laid out and your plan of action ready to roll.

~Paying Bills: choose a specific bill paying day and time, gather all supplies and execute.

~Kid Efficiency: the more independent you allow your children to be, the less you have to do. Explain to them what you would like them to take care of and show them what you expect. Children love responsibilities and it aids in their sense of family.

There are many ways to capture some time back for you and your needs; all it takes is a little pre-planning, list making and awareness of what gets done when. And don’t forget to ask for help with your requirements for your day; there is no need to go it alone.

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