Even with a small budget, you can make your wedding a success. In these times when money is hard to come by, couples should be very careful in planning their wedding. Select a location where the church and the reception close together. In fact, we found a church with a hall being hired as the host site. We saved this cost, as well as for transporting guests. Choose a ceremony and reception in the city, where more than 70% of parents and friends. Also saves transport and accommodation. Think we need versus what we wanted.

On a tight budget does not go cheap - it's all about the name of the budget as the amount apartment at hand. Our first priority was food, because, as they say, you forget almost everything about the wedding - besides how was the food. That was half of our budget for food, and the rest is divided into dresses photography, flowers and more. Select suppliers profitable. Feeder us, for his part, has offered a free cake, wedding car, settings, and breakfast on the packaging. I got together a seamstress who could make bridal and entourage. Many vendors have packages ready, but of course we were careful enough to decide which of them will be affordable, but even the highest quality services. Invitations, memorabilia, old books - all labors of love. It also helps to have creative partner and family members and friends happy.

More visitors mean more food for meals. Development with plate load, thereby limiting customers to 160 saved us money. In addition, we invited only close family members cycle in the first year and closest friends we have, individually and as a couple. Do not call those who do not know.

Ever looked at the list of budget and continued to look carefully at what we had and what we should do for the wedding. To make sure you do not overdo it with the budget, which saved more than the amount expected to make room for additional spending. When you have a tight budget, this does not mean that you will end up with a wedding disaster. Research and remain in the budget is the key. This is what we've done, and I am proud to say that our marriage was a success - a beautiful day we want to remember forever. Your special day can be wonderful, too, even with a small budget. Take these tips and you'll have a really fun and carefree wedding.

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