The winter months of the year can feel like a very long time. The cold weather, snow, and gloomy atmosphere may make people want to change things up by spending money on a vacation or new personal items. While spending money on things you enjoy is OK, you need to ensure that you keep some money on hand during the winter months. There are five reasons in particular why you should keep money on hand during the winter.

Auto Accident

The first reason why people should keep cash on hand in the winter is to prepare for auto damage or repairs related to auto accidents. The winter time is one of the most dangerous times of the year to drive and has more car accidents than any other season. When getting into an auto accident, you will likely have auto insurance available to cover the damage, but you will still have to pay for the deductible out of pocket. Deductibles are typically between $500 and $1,000.

Plumbing Damage

Another reason why you should keep cash on hand for the winter months is to prepare for a possible plumbing issue. Plumbing problems are somewhat common in the winter when interior and exterior pipes can freeze. The cost of the repairs will vary based on the size of the incident and location of the pipes, but experienced plumbing companies, such as Clearwater Plumbing, could repair the damage at a fair cost.


Keeping your home warm in the winter months can be very hard to do if you have older windows. If you have older windows in your home and want to upgrade some to more efficient windows, it could be an expensive improvement. While you can get financing for larger projects, you will need to have some money on hand as a down payment.


During the winter months, the most important appliance that you will have is your furnace. Since furnaces are only used during the colder months, you may not even be aware that it is not functioning properly until it’s too late. Having money set aside for a potential furnace repair or replacement would be beneficial.

Car Repairs

The winter months are just as hard on cars as they are on people. During these months, many parts of a car including starters, alternators, and heaters do not function properly. Repairing or replacing these items often cost over $500 each, so it would be a good idea to ensure you have some money set aside to cover these potential repairs.

There are many unexpected expenses that can pop up during the winter months. Because of this, it is a good idea that you keep money set aside to handle any unexpected costs.

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