Interviewing for a new job can be stressful. If flying isn't your favorite pastime, boarding a plane to reach a job interview can magnify the stress of both circumstances until it feels as taut as an overstuffed suitcase. has a trick to help job seekers rest a little easier by giving them a way to get a better seat.

A passenger can search by the flight number or browse by airline to find the type of plane being boarded. The three-step process is explained on the "How it Works" page.

The Ask the Seat Expert feature showcases recent questions and answers about specific seats, airlines, and comfort levels. It also has a contact form for questions that have not yet been answered. (For what looks like pure in-flight heaven, check out the lay-flat seats in Delta's Business Class. Photos are included in this personal report.)

Besides flying itself being stressful for many, flying can mean empty hours. For that reason alone, an interview candidate who is already a bit nervous can find a flight nearly intolerable.

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