In many parts of the world, the leap year is considered to be the best time to get married. For such people, whether it is a superstition or a strong belief, they continue following this trend and even today, they more adhere to this habit of getting married in the leap year.

Every day, numerous couples tie the knot under marriage, who doesn’t believe on such superstitions. But those who still have a strong faith in those teachings prefer to propose on February 29. Finland is one such country, where the female population is advised to propose the male on the leap year-day only, i.e. Feb 29th.

Ireland is another such country where this superstition still matters and as a result, the riders are tasked to bring back to the common life. Today, in such countries, the market of superstition is still active which has even showcased positive results. This is the reason why women are advised to propose their men on the 29th of February.

Now, you have understood the connection of leap year and the famine proposals in the leap year. Below are sharing some interesting facts about the leap year.

Leap Year is to evaluate the Earth’s Rotation: Those who think that there is no science behind the occurrence of the leap year. Actually every year, the earth took a fraction of the day, extra to 365 days. This quarter becomes one complete day after the passage of 4 years. So, an extra day is included in the February month. This is the actual reason why the leap year is celebrated. February was selected as it has the incomplete month of just 28 days in a month.

No Change between Leap Year vs Non-Leap Year: Many of you still believe that proposing the male in a non-leap year and undergoing the marriage through the same platform doesn’t many any changes. There are couples that got married in the Leap year as well as many others tie the knot within the non-leap year. So, in short, there is no direct connection between marriage life under Leap year or non-Leap year.

About Associations with Proposals: Those who are already a member of the association can understand the strength of the false belief. But moving more into history, you will find that the existence of association has occurred somewhere in the year 1288. On the 29th of February, the association take initiative and let the female candidates make use of 29th February.

Why actually February 29th is so lucky: The couple who got married on the 29th of December have experienced a healthy life without ever thinking of bad luck. Hence to keep your luck good and appealing, the 29th of February is considered to make your future strong.

Well, there is not a single case of proposing the female on February 29th, instead, the countless case has been witnessed. How many of you have experienced this belief?

Do you really believe in this belief or take it just as a superstition, nothing else? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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