My dad is turning the BIG 5-0 soon. Usually, my dad will use his birthday to throw a party, inviting our extended family members and his close family members, as an opportunity to get together and foster bonding. As it is a big event, the planning takes place at least 2 months before the event, as we need to finalise the guest list and find a suitable location that can accommodate our guests and the birthday theme. My dad has a strict request, that we do not repeat our theme and location, so that our guests can have a unique experience every year).

This year’s birthday party is different due to the COVID-19 situation, as everyone must stay at home and practice social distancing to flatten the curve. As a result, our planning and preparation is different to cater to the current unique situation.

Below is the list of preparation steps that our family has tailored to the current unique situation, with the objective of making this a delightful and memorable celebration for our dear dad.

Though the party is only open to our family members who are staying under the same roof as him, we still need to prepare a guest list. This is because we will be inviting them for the cake cutting session, which we will have a zoom cake cutting and cocktail session, inviting our extended family members and his friends, where we can all sign the birthday song together and they will send their birthday wishes and virtual birthday presents. Hence, preparation of the guest list and sending the cake cutting session invite via email is our first step for this birthday preparation.

Secondly, we will need to come up with the theme, which is catered to his likes and to the venue (this time round, instead of finding a suitable venue for the theme, it is vice versa, as our venue is by default our home). Our family has decided on the theme - “Creative Showcase of His Achievements”, which we will bring him down memory lane, showcasing his achievements from school days, corporate days and family. This theme is one o the popular 50 year birthday party ideas, as the birthday person has spent half a century on earth, hence it is timely to share his/her 50 years of memories. the In order to retain the surprise element and not to let him see the achievements that we have curated during those three timelines, my siblings and I have used our two rooms for this theme and have told him that our rooms are out of bounds till his birthday. We will decorate the living room with golden decor to mark his 50-year birthday with class and style, such as gold chrome balloons, confetti, and table runners. In line with the theme, we will also mount up a photo collage, featuring other of his yesteryears’ photos.

Thirdly, how can a party be called a party without a delicious spread of food. We will prepare a table full of our dad’s favourite dishes and bar bites. As our dad is a wine and cocktail lover, my brother will be the bartender for the party, mixing quarantinis and cocktails.
Lastly, we will ensure the list of activities for the birthday party is engaging and entertaining by planning fun and hilarious games to bring laughs to everyone, especially during these sombre times.

We are positive, even in the current situation, with the above preparation work done and lots of love from family and friends, the actual birthday party will be a blast.

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