When you first start planning your home business it is important that you make sure you have some sort of budget that you stick to so that you can ensure you will make a profit.

It can be all too easy to lose track of your finances and find that you have wildly over spent. Areas that you should think about are mainly the equipment that you need to carry out your job, premises and any extra expenses for marketing.


The type of equipment that you will require depends mainly on the type of home business that you wish to run. In the main most professions will require you to have a computer, a printer and internet connection as well as any specialist equipment. This is so that you can email clients, carry out marketing and keep on top of your website.

Other professions may also require certain software packages, a fax machine, photo copier or a camera and equipment. It is advisable to have a budget for this and to make sure you stick to it otherwise you could find yourself spending more then you intended.


This can cost as much or as little as you are prepared to spend. You will find that at some point marketing is an area that you will have to budget for as getting your name out there is incredibly important. Many people decide to have their own website which may cost you some money to set up and maintain.

Others will want to have business cards printed up to hand out to other local businesses and at networking fairs and this will require a budget. It could also be useful to print up leaflets and price lists if your work requires this, so make sure that you factor this and the cost of any postage into your budget too.

It is also worth keeping some money aside for any emergencies that you might find occur. This may be because you are struggling to find work or if you become ill or injured and cannot work for short time.

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