The popularity of foreign language courses is on a surge especially among fresh graduates and college students who’re still undergraduates. They simply cannot hide the excitement of leaning a foreign language particularly the European ones. In India, the popularity of French, German and Italian languages are enormous. They have huge demand in terms of job and career prospects in various sectors including broadcast journalism, tourism industries, teaching profession, BPO and KPO, MNCs etc. Besides jobs, learning foreign languages give learners the opportunity to delve deep into the culture and literature of that particular country.

Speaking about Italian it is a language that breathes romance. By most measures, the widely spoken language is an official language in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City and Western Istria (in Slovenia and Croatia). You can learn Italian language in Kolkata at some of the best institutes equipped with best infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities. From speaking to writing, the course will enable you to become confident in every aspect of the language.

This course is appropriate for candidates who want to take up a job in Italy, or want to master a new European language. The curriculum integrates latest learning modules on Italian grammar, vocabulary, sentence construction, accent and others. Even tour guides, translators, trainers of foreign languages, guest relation executives in the hospitality sector would find the course to be extremely beneficial.

Top reasons for learning Italian language

• Very few people know that Italian ranks as the fourth most studied language in US colleges and high schools. It is because Italian literature is rich and studded with masterpieces. It is popular worldwide and students love to read the romantic tales or the stories of chivalry through drama, poetry and plays written by famous literary figures.

• Secondly it is a very easy language to master. Although it might sound different, it has traces of similarities with other European languages such as English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. Although you’ll come across new words & phrases in the vocabulary, you can easily learn the language with flair and elegance and do research about it.

• Thirdly speaking Italian fluently is beneficial when you visit the country for vacation, business or higher studies. It will help you communicate with others freely. Spring (beginning from April and lasting till June) and fall (beginning from September continuing till October) are the best times to travel to Italy. However, no need to wait if your goal is to use Italian in real life.

• At last but not the least, if you learn Italian language in Kolkata, you can give a boost to your career. Reputed international brands are always looking to expand their offices there to capture Italian market, and persuade the consumers into buying products. When you learn Italian, you’ll can be their vital human resource or personnel contributing in their expansion. You can find jobs in marketing &sales, public relations officers, front office executives, client servicing representatives etc.

Learn Italian language in Kolkata with great speaking, writing& reading skills at IITT Language Academy. The institute specializes in providing training in various foreign languages that are popular worldwide. The experienced trainers provide comprehensive coaching, extensive theoretical and practical classes and adopt unique teaching methods for an enriching learning experience.

Author's Bio: 

Laxmon Gope is an avid learner. He was a former English language student who was also keen to learn Italian language in Kolkata. He has also learnt German, French, Spanish, Dutch and other major European languages. Now he works as a translator in a leading NGO.