Perhaps you're going overseas, have a car that is surplus to requirements, or just want a secure place for car storage in NZ to place that vintage or retro car you have been planning to buy for ages. You need a place that is going to protect your vehicle, providing a secure and dry place where it will stay safe.

There are certain things you also need to do to help your vehicle stay in a drivable condition while it is being stored. The following tips will ensure it will remain in a good condition while you are not there to lovingly check on it every day.

First you need to change the oil and replace the filter. You may need to alter the type of oil you use, as some are better for cars that will be stored for a long length of time.

Make sure the tank is full. It may sound a little strange to do so, as it's not going anywhere! But a full tank of petrol can help reduce any deterioration due to condensation in the petrol tank, and protect your car. Talk to a mechanic about the best type of petrol for your car. Most suggest adding a stabilizer can help with storing it. Car storage in NZ needs to be in a dry place to further protect your car.

Clean the car inside and out and wax the surface to protect the exterior. Make sure any small food scraps are out of the car, as mice can find their way in and do a lot of damage. Make sure any products you use for the interior do not have water in them as this may leave residue and cause the formation of mould inside the car.

Check the tires are properly inflated to the correct air pressure.

When storing your vehicle indoors it's a good idea to open the windows ever so slightly (a fraction only, so no animals can enter) If you are tempted to use insect repellents and chemicals to keep any pests away, think again - as you may end up with a car that has smells you don't want to drive around in when you take it out of storage.

If you've done anything to the car that is good for storing, but not for driving, then it can be a good idea to leave yourself a note reminding you to take it all out so the car is drivable again. You don't want to have to leave it in car storage in NZ forever!

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