Planning your Chicago wedding may seem like planning any other wedding, however if you have no idea how to begin planning, then there are a few things that may point you in the right direction. Of course there are many things to consider and research, including venues, designers, caterers, and wedding bands in Chicago. However, the first thing I’m sure you have already decided on is the date. It may seem silly, but that is the first step in planning your wedding in Chicago. This is not LA, weather, unlike most other cities, is spontaneous and extreme. Depending on the date of your wedding, it is a good idea to research the norms and averages for that time of year and plan accordingly. Once you’ve established the date, everything will seem much easier, because most professionals in all the above categories, will be able to help you create a perfect wedding that compliments Chicago at that time.

If you don’t require a specific date right off the back, then its best to establish the venue first, and reserve your date by the venue’s availability. Depending on the venues, there may be a long waiting list. Places like the Art Institute, The Drake and the Chicago Public Library, are all hotspots for wedding ceremonies and can easily accommodate your favorite Chicago wedding band, which means price and availability are probably not going to be in your favor. If there’s a specific design you love from one of those places, there are hundreds of venues in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs that may have the same feel, but more accommodating.

Because Chicago is one of the most artistic, trendy urban areas in the country, finding great photographers is not hard. Many people may know photographers, and prefer to keep the budget low by asking their friends and family to do it. Of course sometimes this means photos aren’t quite as professional, but some people prefer a candid collection of photographs, so it is up to you and your preferences.

While Chicago is known for their beef, deep-dish pizza and ketchup-less hotdogs do not think that Chicago does not have a vast understanding of wedding-friendly cuisine. There are dozens of caterers, and bakeries all through the city, that has award winning wedding cakes, and provides catering meals of the best quality. Most caterers in the Chicago area have websites today where you can view most of their catering options. Also, many caterers are very open to adding specific menu items if you desire something in particular.

Depending on the couple, one of the most challenging yet most fun in Chicago is finding the right Chicago wedding reception bands. Because most people, at least those who are avid fans of music, are so particular about what they like and don’t like, it becomes a challenge to hire a band that adds the right kind of energy to their celebration. Finding Chicago wedding reception music is easier if you and your fiancé can agree on a theme, or timeline for the music. Whether you want a cover band specializing in your favorite style of music or an experienced Chicago wedding band, patience will pay off when you search for the right live music for your event.

While only a summary, these areas are the most important aspects in planning the event. It also shows Chicago is the greatest city for a wedding. With so many great choices for Chicago wedding bands, photographers, caterers, et cetera, you are bound to find perfect matches for your own tastes. At the end however, the most important part of this wedding is the wedding itself and starting a life with the one you love.

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