‘Weddings are an expensive affair.’ All the brides must have heard this quite a few times. Traditionally, parents used to spend a lot on getting their children married,but the times have changed. Today, young ladies can be seen planning their own wedding. People seem to have finally realised the fact that a big fat wedding does not guarantee a happy married life.

Contemporary couples tend to keep all the clutter at bay and follow a largely organised approach.

Here’s a sneak-peek into how young prospective couples are going about the wedding business:

  • Truncating the guest list. The lesser the better
  • Minimal flower work
  • Not going for the most expensive wedding dress on display
  • Going for affordable marriage rings
  • Avoiding an ostentatious honeymoon
  • Getting the ladies from the church to help with the preparations
  • Initially, getting to plan your own wedding can sound quite overwhelming, but the process can definitely be simplified. For those having incredibly deep pockets, hiring a team of dedicated wedding planners is definitely a good idea, but for those running on a tight budget, planning the wedding yourself and getting your friends and family to help out with the preparations is quite feasible.

    Here’s how you can begin:

    Plan everything beforehand

    Planning and organisation holds the key while planning your wedding. You’ll have 10,000 different things on your to-do list and the time at hand would be limited. Making a list of the following would help you in your bid to organise everything.

  • Make a budget
  • Select your vendors
  • Select a wedding theme
  • The venue needs special attention
  • Make your invitations yourself
  • Brief the church choir beforehand
  • Even after having a comprehensive plan in place, there is every possibility that loose ends may come to light every now and then. No wedding is complete without a certain degree of chaos and confusion. You just cannot do anything if things take an unexpected turn. Plan for the future and don’t be too harsh on yourself.

    Stick to your budget

    Merely getting a budget in place won’t help. You’d have to follow it in order to ensure savings. Have a discussion with your fiance and get the finances ready. It is advisable to share the costs equally. Have a ‘contingency cushion’ in place for meeting the costs that might come into the picture unexpectedly. For instance: Brides in New South Wales Australia look for cheap mobile hairdresser in Sydney for undertaking the grooming bit.

    Set priorities

    This is of utmost importance. Make a list of things that need to be looked into urgently. Book the venue well in advance. You never know whether the same venue would be available a few days before the wedding. Also, select all your vendors and caterers beforehand. There’s nothing worse than chasing the caterers a day or two prior to the wedding.

    Get your Fiancé to help

    Don’t plan everything on your own. Wedding is not a one-man affair. Get your friends to help. Also, ask your fiance to help out with the venue booking and guest list.

    Having limited options isn’t a bad idea

    Having a lot of options at your disposal can end up playing spoilsport. Have a limited number of options. A lot of options can leave you perplexed. Have a set of tried and tested options to choose from. Talk to other married couples for suggestions.

    Make a master checklist

    Having a ready master checklist at your disposal can be of immense help. It’d help you keep track of all the preparation. Create a master planner on your smartphone. It would help you update the list in real time.

    Also, don’t stress and just go with the flow...

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