Plano is the place to find qualified dentists who offer quality dental care at a rate that is affordable. We are the dentist plano clinic that is committed to offering the highest quality dental care in a relaxed, friendly and welcoming environment. We are open early in the mornings and late at night in order to offer you the finest quality dental care services at your convenience. We the dentists plano clinic that offers services on Saturdays and Sundays by appointment. Our rates are quite affordable and this is what has made us have a large customer base. If you are based in Plano and its surroundings you will find that we are the only dentist in the area. We are your only trusted dentist in Plano, Tx who make your dental visit experience as soothing as possible. Shifa Dental is an established family clinic in Plano Tx that offers an exceptional level of customer care. Even if you have never been to a dentist plano or are feeling a bit nervous, our dentists handle you with a lot of care.

We are the dentist in the area that offers a broad range of treatment and preventive dental services in Plano, Tx. Our dental practices are aimed at offering a comprehensive selection of services that are appropriate for diverse dental conditions. Our emergency dentist is able to transform your smile by taking care of your emergency in the best professional manner. At our dentist plano clinic, we offer cosmetic dentistry and preventive intrusion. We are one of the unshakable dentists in the area who offer precise assessment and diagnosis, in addition to interventions, which can really make a difference. We are famous for offering dental care services to all people including the aged and children too. If you are one of those very nervous people, visit dentists plano clinic where we offer proper pain relief to our patients. As a matter of fact, patients who have been to our dental clinic have always spread the good word about us, and have even directed their family and friends to us for quality dental care services. If you wish to benefit from the quality services offered by our emergency dentist, call or email for an appointment at your convenience.

Dentist plano accepts various payment options for dental services offered, including cash and insurance. We work with patients who hold medical insurance and those who do not have medical insurance. At dentist plano clinic we accept Carecredit and qualified patients are free to join our Shifa club and take advantage of interest-free payment plans. If you are looking at visiting our emergency dentist for your dental health to be restored, then all you require doing is make a call and book an appointment. If you wish to find out more on the services that we offer, make a call too and our customer service representative will answer all your questions. We answer all your questions however simple or complex they may be regarding dental care serves without any hesitation. Visit dentists plano clinic where you will be treated like a king.

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