From niche alternative health circles, information and ravings about Probiotics and plant-based enzymes are beginning to leak out into the mainstream population, because the effects are often undeniable. This article is intended to inform some of the mainstream population about the differences between Probiotics and enzymes, because there is much talk about both, and they seem to produce similar effects. What is the difference, and how are they similar? Let’s take a look.
You would simply describe Probiotics as types of “good” bacteria, which are “for life” (pro and bios), and help the person in whom then inhabit. Probiotics are sometimes fungi as well. They are usually produced in a fermenting or decaying process that occurs naturally in certain foods or organism. This makes sense, then, that probiotics would thrive in aiding digestion, the breakdown of food in the human gut. They produce many other health benefits, but immune and digestive functions are the most notable.
Now, we always carry naturally digestive enzymes in our bodies. These are types of molecules that change as we age, often lessening in function. This is why many older people have more digestive issues than younger people. The enzymes (which can be plant-based enzymes or animal-based enzymes) weaken and digestion slows. Usually there are certain enzymes we produce that will target certain foods or types of foods, such as different kinds of proteins or carbohydrates. Each type of food will have a different enzyme. If you add supplements of plant-based enzymes or even animal-based enzymes, you can improve your digestive function if it seems to be weak.
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When it comes down to it, the basic difference between probiotics and plant-based enzymes or other enzymes is that the enzymes are a larger actor in the process of digestion, where they latch onto food particles and break them down in a process already natural to the body. Probiotics seem more to be supplemental to enzymes, and they almost help the enzymes do their job more efficiently, while also offering other benefits such as improved elimination, decreased bloating, and better skin and breath! From probiotic acidophilus to plant-based enzyme supplements, you can find these types of digestive aids in many health food stores and websites.

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