The old saying says that April showers bring May
flowers. However, what happens if you didn’t plant
anything? It’s really hard for something to grow when
you don’t plant. Of course this is just an analogy and
yet it absolutely applies to your life as well.

What are you putting out there? What are you doing
today that you’ll see the benefits of next week, month,
or even year? The world we live in is very much about
instant gratification and yet the best things take time
to cultivate and grow.

Are you willing to plant today so you can reap the
rewards down the road or are you only looking at what
you can get and see today?

When you initially plant seeds, you don’t
see the results right away. It takes time
and you have to continually take care of the
soil so what you planted can grow. You
have to water it daily even though in the
beginning you won’t see anything. It’s the
same thing in your life and business. You
have to create and build new relationships.
You have to put together new plans and
strategies. You must be sure and give it all
the attention it deserves so it can grow.

After some time you’ll see the fruits of your
labor start to show; you’ll see those little
shoots poking out of the ground; and yet
until you see that you have to continue to
move forward. You know sooner or later
you’re going to see the results you’re
looking for.

No farmer can harvest what he doesn’t
plant. In our case, we must plant not only in
the fields of our business, also within
ourselves. Invest in good seeds that will
enable you to grow your business as well as

Start today by planting seeds, make sure
you give them the proper attention, and
you’ll see your proverbial garden grow and

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