Healthy living and body positivity has become the new love of the people looking for a well-maintained lifestyle. But watch out because body enhancement and plastic surgeries are also surging in numbers! As beauty trends are globalizing and Instagram perfect beauty culture is rising, it isn’t any wonder that according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, cosmetic procedures have increased 200 percent since 2000.

People want well-toned face without the slightest tint of wrinkle. They are not ready to settle for less than a beach-perfect body. And any sign of aging on their body or face is a big ‘no’ for them. The result is increased demand for plastic surgeons and dermatologists who know all the right magical procedures to vanish the unwanted face and body features.

According to an expert plastic surgeon Mississauga, here are the beauty enhancement trends that are going strong in 2019:

Mini Facelift:

A facelift is a cosmetic procedure that gives your face a youthful appearance by tightening sagging skin. But unlike the full facelift, a mini facelift doesn’t give your face bruises, scars, and swelling. You don’t have to cover up your face with bandages and cut off from the world until your reconstructed face gets healed to show up in front of the world. The mini or temporal facelift is conducted under local anesthesia, and you can go to work, or on a party the very next day with a younger-looking face. These are some of the reasons that have made it so popular among beauty wannabes in 2019.


One thing in plastic surgery that is surely changing are larger than life cosmetic procedures that are visibly spottable on the face. Now people are seeking subtle, natural-looking and not-so-obvious procedures. That overfilled pouty lips and artificial noses are no more in fashion. People want to retain their natural face structure and look, with a bit of tweaking. Like, instead of surgical rhinoplasty of the nose, people are looking for dermal fillers to even out nose bumps, and contour the nose.

Now cosmetic surgeons are not receiving people holding a cover photo of a model and a demand to look exactly like her. Now people want to just look like themselves, but in a better form and shape.

Tummy Tuck:

Besides the beauty enhancement, body shape uplifting procedures are also in demand. Like, abdominoplasty or also known as ‘tummy tuck’, is a procedure to make the abdomen slim and firm for the beach vacation. The plastic surgeon removes the excess fat and skin from the abdomen and tightens the remaining skin to give you a zero-size figure just like a Hollywood star. And people are having them!

Though replacing Emma Stone in a movie might not be possible for you. But getting Emma Stone’s smile, body and beauty is definitely possible through cosmetic surgery. Though some trends are fading, while others are going strong, but plastic surgery procedures are overall still here – stronger than ever!

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