The answer is definitely YES! But we were made to believe that male- female friendship cannot be and will not be done. It is impossible. Well, we can’t blame them- we were made and brought up to believe that man and woman coexist in the bounds of sex and romance alone.

It is written in the bible- Eve was created for Adam. It is in the television- Monica and Chandler in Friends; George and Izzy in Grey’s Anatomy. It is in the movies- “When Harry Met Sally”, the movie was basically about cross-sex camaraderie and proved that men and women cannot resists the temptation of sex, that it always comes between them.

These cultural beliefs and images are difficult to over come, it is not surprising why we stereotype man and women to end in a romantic relationship. Those people who believe that man and woman companionship cannot exist are those people who also believe men should be in the office and women should stay at home.

Little do they know, man and woman can treat each other equally and not see each others as sexually potentials. Cross-sex friendship exist and can prosper if they can hurdle through certain obstacles and challenges from within, from their friend and from society. They must first define the relationship. They must be logical enough to know what is the most appropriate thing to do within the bounds of friendship.

They should be aware; yes, they like each other and even care for each other, but enough to marry each other? Absolutely not. Another obstacle that they should rise above is the sexual tension. If one or both of the people involved is physically attracted to another, then forget it.

Friendship is not possible in cases like this. You cannot do your usual “friend-friend thing” if one of you is lusting over another. The equality rule. If men and women can live by this, then they can go through with their platonic friendship. Men should have the complete consciousness that women can be as bossy and domineering as men and same with women that men can be as sensitive and compassionate as them.

If you don’t believe in this then you end-up ridiculing each other and not respecting each other’s individuality. The public opinion. If cross-sex friendship knows how to deal with doubters, then their camaraderie is strong enough to stay that way. If they can laugh through the criticism and judgments of the society and not be affected by it then their alliance is certain to last.

The gender segregation. If both male-female does not segregate themselves from each other, it is easier to be aware of each other’s world and be open to friendship. Friendship is about understanding, accepting and not judging. It is about having the same wavelength with each other. When we are asked- what is a friend? What first comes to mind is a person who is always there for us, who cares without expectations, a person who we can always rely on and trust.

So, does it really matter what is between the legs? True friendship is about deep companionship, it sees beyond gender and sexuality. It is about meeting of the minds.

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