Playing badminton can have numerous positive health and fitness benefits on your body. It’s a sport full of fun, excitement, and body movements; promoting life longevity. It makes our body physically fit, reduces bad cholesterol, strengthens heart muscles and reduces our weight. Another health benefit of badminton is protection from heart diseases like heart attacks. Regular involvement in the sport helps in achieving optimal weight loss combined with a balanced diet as well. In addition, it reduces the occurrence of cancers like cancer of the large bowel and breast cancer.

Badminton a fast paced game increases your speed and improves your reflexes. It helps to shun depression and stress; you enjoy a better sleep in the night. The sport is really very helpful for hypersensitive people as it will help them to avoid stressing their heart too much. It controls diabetes by decreasing the production of sugar by the liver. Playing badminton improves the cardio respiratory fitness resulting in improved stamina and increased energy. Thus it improves individual’s well being by improving the confidence and a more active social life.

Aloe vera-a medicinal plant

Aloe vera has several health benefits from health to nutrition and is widely popular as a medicinal plant. Drinking aloe vera juice has many positive health benefits as it includes essential vitamins and minerals. Here are some nutritional benefits of aloe vera to keep your body healthy and diseases free:

• Aloe vera juice replenishes the body naturally due to the presence of amino acids.

• It reduces inflammation including joint and muscle mobility

• Drinking aloe vera juice enhances body defense system as it contains vitamins, folic acid and niacin.

• You can a complete dose of minerals like copper, iron, sodium, zinc, calcium, potassium, magnesium, chromium and manganese.

• It naturally cleanse digestive system and is helpful for constipation

• Aloe vera imparts energy and helps to maintain a healthy body weight

• It relieves heartburn, arthritis and lower blood sugar levels

• You can have strong and healthy teeth by drinking aloe vera juice

• It acts as a tonic for female reproductive system and also rejuvenates the uterus

• Aloe vera gel is useful for healthy hair; prevents dandruff and lice

Therefore, with so many health benefits aloe vera plant is considered as a miracle plant capable to cure even serious ailments like cancer and AIDS.

Benefits of banana for beauty treatment

Banana does wonders on skin and hair as it is rich in potassium, natural oils, carbohydrates and vitamins. It provides shine, growth, controls dandruff, decrease hair fall and prevents split ends and breakage. Banana facial masks enhance the glow on your face and help in strengthening the hair. Ripe bananas are used to treat dry feet resulting in soft and supple feel. The fruit has anti-bacterial properties and is wonderful in treating skin blemishes, acne and pimples. In addition to so many beauty benefits it is useful for anti-aging too. Banana works very well on dry skin by softening and hydrating the skin. Grab a banana and beautify yourself!!

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