Play chess online for free or for real money
Do you know how to make your wallet heavier during your leisure time?
Nothing is free in this world and likewise earning money is a big deal as it involves hours of physical and mental investment, along with a job profile. We all are well versed with the fact that to earn, you need to make investment too. How much fun it would be if earning without investment can be done along with having the element of entertainment to avoid early world-weariness.
Online games are considered to be highly lucrative modes of earning and entertainment, but don’t get trapped within the paws of some online games that initially assure to be free but later on demand monetary investments; that in a way reduces the money won by the player. However, not all games are the same. It is no myth or a dream, as with online chess game playing for free and earning real money is very much possible. But how?
No fancy chess board and set up around is now needed to play the game of genius as MB Chess presents amazing online game of chess for all. It emphasizes on each and every need of the player and therefore is designed for complete leisure, entertainment, gain and convenience of the gamers. With an aim to enhance the skills of chess players and promote chess, mbHiTech Solutions presents online chess game.

Absolutely free
MB chess facilitates absolutely free online chess game and online game for real money with no constraints of duration as well as points. You can go on to play for hours and hours without spending a penny as a fee to continue the game. No investment, just play for monetary gains.
Play from anywhere
You do not have to have play in a sports club with proper set up of traditional style of game of chess. You can play online from anywhere i.e. from your office, while returning home in your car or any corner of your home. You can play the game from any zone of the world having internet signals and your very own gadget like laptop or smart phone to play.
Play 24/7
You can pursue your love for chess at any hour of the day, whether it is mid night or mid day. Just go on to play free or play to earn whenever you feel like as MB Chess game can be played at any notch of the day. Be it early morning, mid noon, evenings snack time or late in the mid of the night, you just have to open your laptop, connect with internet connection and enjoy the game of strategy.
How to play for free and for real money
• To commence the game, first log in to your account with password and a username.
• Post signing in, once you get logged in then you will be redirect to game lobby page, where you will see two parts of page. a) Left side part welcome (Account Details) shows your account details like practice points, real points, referral bonus, also you can purchase real point online by using "buy points" button, also you can withdraw your earned real points in your bank account. Real points are real money which you can withdraw and 1 point = 1 INR. c) Next right side third part my active tables, online players where you will see online players list those are not playing game at this moment. if any player start game with another player then that player will disappear from this part online players.
• in this part welcome dashboard page where your account details showing, below that you will see table list where players waiting to play chess game. you can check list free and cash chess game and join which game you want to play for free or for real money.
• You may now select the player you would like to confront and you can continue to play with him if he accepts your request.
• Post acceptance of your request, you can play online with the other player and every player is given a turn of 60 seconds. The turn to play is passed on to other player if the earlier player doesn’t make the move within the restricted time.
• Players can resign from the game at any stage and the other player is regarded as the winner and will get the bet point into his kitty.
• To start another game, the player needs to have adequate points to bet again.
• Free points gained after free games are increased after winning the game and similarly the free points are reduced post losing the game.
Likewise, you can play for real money and bag real points that can be further added to your account via paypal and bank transfer.

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