Video Games- what a wonderful creation of modern tech..! Masses like us who are unable to find out any opportunity to enjoy some real actions and adventures, try to find the same excitement and entertainment through the virtual world of adventure and action named  “Video Games”. PS4 or PlayStation 4 is such an immaculate home video game which was developed by the Sony Computer Entertainment. PS4 first appeared in the market in 20th February, 2013 and within very short span of time it got much popularity.   Some exoteric PS4 games are:

LEGO Jurassic World:

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is the publisher of this PS4 game. This game is mended on the base of the storyline of the movie Jurassic Park. Gamer will experience a totally unimaginable adventurous situation with the long lost dinosaurs and other horrible creatures while playing the game.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt:

It is published by the CD PROJEKT RED. This game is based on the fairy tales in the context of future generation where the gamer has to play a role as a monster hunter in a mysterious place.

Ender Of Fire:

This one is published by the XINESS Co. It is a war based game where wars take place in between beast tribe and human tribe.

Death Tales:

Death tales” is another exciting PS4 game published by  the Nine Tales Digital. It is a myth based game, which contains strong feelings of attachment, hatred and vengeance.

PS4 Accessories:

In PS4 games, iOS has been used to design the games and PlayStation App and PlayStation network are used to enable the interactivity with devices and services. PS4 games are wireless video games those allow the gamers to play from distant places through activating  PlayStation 4. So, you need some PS4 accessories to play those games.

PlayStation 4  Processor:

Among the PS4 accessories, PlayStation 4 processor is the most important part which consists of  CPU, Video decoder, Graphics processing unit, Memory controller and other components.


There are simply two types of controllers those are used in PS4 games as essential PS4 accessories. Those are DualShock 3 and DualShock 4 controllers. Mainly, DualShock 4 controllers are best suitable as PS4 accessories, as it has many more features, facilities and options compared to the  DualShock 3 controllers.


PlayStation Cameras  are those PS4 accessories which are optional, yet important for excellent operation. It is a motion sensing accessory which allows the gamer to have a proper vision and target of the objects or places in the games through different modes of operation.

PlayStation 4 Apps:

"Orbis OS" is used as the operating system for PS4 games and it is the most important part of the PS4 accessories without which all other PS4 accessories are totally useless.

PlayStation 4 Network:

It combines several PlayStation Stores which allow the gamers to access into the wireless network in the PS4 Gaming network.

Wireless Headset:

It is among the optional PS4 accessories which enhances the excitement of playing PS4 games. To perceive the highest quality of the sound in the games it is used.

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard:

To eliminate the difficulty of managing the extra cables and to get the maximum flexibility and comfort while playing video games, wireless Bluetooth keyboards are the most effective PS4 accessories which can enhance your satisfaction to a great extent.

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