In the past, you had to buy a cartridge to play any video game. Then CD's came and later, the Internet opened a world of new possibilities. With emergence of PlayStation Network, it was possible to interact with other gamers in a virtual world where you chose how to be. You could make friends, chat, dance, and form clans, buy cosmetic items and even play chess. But PlayStation Network isn’t just a social network; it’s also one of the most complete digital stores in the entire Internet.

At first, there you could get demo versions of games that were close to being released. Obviously, the Internet wasn’t fast enough in the early days of PlayStation Network to allow downloading a complete game. However, today you can find full versions of the newest games and download them in a few minutes if you have a stable broadband Internet connection.

You can even buy movies and music like you would in iTunes and other similar platforms. PlayStation Network has a wide variety of payment methods, including Paypal and the main brands of credit and debit cards. People who don’t have access to these services can buy PSN CD keys and gift cards on some websites with their local currency. Today, anyone in the world who doesn’t have access to a dollar account can get their own PSN CD keys and gift cards.

Buying 30 dollars in PSN keys is enough to get the newest games on the market and with an extra fee; you can have access to new characters, scenarios and bonus features not included in original game.

If you decide to buy your PSN keys through a website, you can get some additional benefits that you won’t get by buying them directly on PlayStation Network. Usually, you receive your key in your email minutes after making the purchase. Sometimes, it could happen that keys you bought are invalid. In those cases there’s nothing to worry about. You just have to write an email to administrators explaining your situation. Minutes later, you receive an answer with a key generated at a recent date.

Obviously, when you buy PSN keys, you can’t trust any website. It’s always convenient to check the reputation and score of a website before purchasing. Reliable pages always allow their users to write their opinions, no matter if they’re good or bad. Without a doubt, you can trust a website where most users write positive comments and give scores of four stars or more.

If you have a PlayStation 3 or 4 and haven’t yet tried PlayStation Network, you’re missing out the most exciting experience of your life. Imagine being part of a clan formed by the most popular gamers or chatting in real time with family and friends in other parts of the world while you play with them. PlayStation Network isn’t just a social network or a virtual store; it’s the meeting place for hundreds of millions of people in the world who share the same passion: videogames.

If you don’t have dollar accounts, don’t worry. Surely there are several pages where you can buy CD keys with your country’s currency. If online videogames are your passion, you won’t regret s saving your money to invest in PSN. Don’t waste any more time and start from today!

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