It is not always easy to understand what others are saying. This is especially true with the new ways we communicate over emails and texts. Even when they are speaking to us, we get easily distracted by other things going on around us. We get frustrated when we don’t understand their message or when others don’t understand us. It is so important that we take time to be good communicators.

Often times we hear something someone said and we aren’t quite sure what they mean. We may take it the wrong way. We may not get the entire message. We may not want to ask them to repeat it for clarity so we just go about our business with the wrong message in our minds.

There are other times we send a message to someone and they don’t interpret it as we intended. We were certain we said it correctly and they understood; however, they come back with something which doesn’t make sense or is not related to what we were talking about at all.

Luke 8:18 “So pay attention to how you hear. To those who listen to my teaching, more understanding will be given. But for those who are not listening, even what they think they understand will be taken away from them.”

It is so important we understand the messenger. It is so important we are good messengers. We need to be certain we understand what others are saying and what they need from us and we need to communicate to them ensuring they are clear on what we are saying.

When we don’t take time to listen, we may only pick up part of the message. When we are too busy thinking about what we are going to say next, we will miss out on something the other person is saying. When we are thinking about what all we have to do, we aren’t going to completely understand what that person needs.

When we don’t understand the needs of others, we aren’t really able to help them. We may give them the help we believe they need but it may not be what will actually help. That is why we need to go to God before we go to others. When we communicate with Him first, we will be better communicators with others.

We will always know when God is talking to us if we learn to rid our minds of everything but Him. We will always know when God is speaking when we take time to read His word and ask Him how His word applies to our lives. We will always know when God has a message for us when we look for His message in others. We need to pay attention to how we hear God’s message.

God speaks to us in various ways and when we are too busy to stop and listen or when we are doing all the talking, we can’t know what His will is for us. We need to take time today to go to God and ask Him to help us be better listeners. Then we need to listen and look for signs all during the day where He is talking to us. When we begin to listen to God, He will help us better communicate with others so we can make a difference.

1 Thessalonians 2: 13 “Therefore, we never stop thanking God that when you received his message from us, you didn’t think of our words as mere human ideas. You accepted what we said as the very word of God—which, of course, it is. And this word continues to work in you who believe.”

Author's Bio: 

Frances Lucas has lived in the Birmingham, Alabama area for the past 40 years. She is a firm believer in leading by example and what she shares comes from her experience in life having to set her own goals and make things happen in her life…not depending on anyone else. She can help you, your team members and your employees to realize their purpose in life, learn their strengths and begin to develop their strengths.

She attended Corporate Coach University where she obtained an Advanced Certified Corporate Coach degree. Frances also has a bachelor‘s degree in Business Management and a masters in Human Resources. She has facilitated classes for large and small groups, created and organized self-improvement and employee development programs, classes, and work books. She enjoys coaching others one-on-one or in groups. Frances is a professional discipleship coach certified through Blueprint for Life Institute and is dedicating her life to helping others find their God-given purpose in life.

She has found her passion in life and wants to share her passion by helping others find theirs!

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