About a year ago, I said the exact same statement, "Help me fix my computer for free." While I would have normally be willing to pay just to have my computer fixed, the problem was I was heavily cash strapped and I really did not have any budget for my computer. So I told that same phrase to a friend of mine. While he did not personally come over to my place and fixed my computer, he did however offer some tips and suggestions.
Now if you are just about to shout to anyone, "Help me fix my computer for free", and then you should first do a some online searching for the specific problems you are experiencing with your computer. You see, the computer is such a complicated piece of machine and he it has various parts, but it can be divided into two: the hardware and the software. You must first find out where your computer problem lies. Whether it's on a specific computer part or on software installed in your computer.
When you do an online search, you can word it with our exact problem phrase, Help me fix my computer for free, and I guarantee it will yield very helpful results. These search results would probably be blogs, forums and websites that offer free information on how to fix your computer. But since it is free, you should not just follow the first tips that you encounter. Do a little bit more searching for related topics and pieces of advice. If two or more people and experts are advising the same solution, then it is probably the best answer to your computer problem.
You can also ask for help on forums that tackle computer issues and computer related technical problems. Just open up a thread with the subject, "Help me fix my computer for free" and I am sure there are a lot of kind hearted people who would be glad to help you out. I actually use this often whenever I encounter a computer problem is just too hard to fix. So far all of my queries have been answered satisfactorily. Sometimes other people would point out to me how very easy it was to actually fix my computer and when I heard their suggestions, I would say to myself, "Why didn't I think of that before!” Sometimes we just have to be shown the obvious things.
Aside from asking help from other people online, you can also download some softwares that are designed to fix specific computer problems. There are a lot of free and open source softwares out there. You can find a free registry cleaner, an anti virus, anti spyware and other computer fixing programs. Just be careful with the software that you will download. Try to ask other people's opinion first before you install any software on your machine. There are websites and online tech magazines that can tell you if specific software is even worth trying.
Finding an answer for your "Help me fix my computer for free" dilemma is actually very easy if you just follow the above stated reminders.
Are you sick and tired of your computer running slow and buggy and you keep asking yourself "please fix my computer"? The problem is your registry is corrupt.

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