Have you ever noticed how some "adults" do not say "Please" and "Thank You?" Isn't it amazing that when all of us were children, we were taught to say "Please," and usually we were asked by an adult, at that time, "What's the magic word?"

We were also taught to always say "Thank You," yet today, many people fail to use this most basic of courteous words. We sometimes will hear someone say, "have a good one," or "take care," or "no problem." This is not the same as please and thank you!

The cashier hands the customer their change, the customer says "thank you," then the cashier says "no problem." (You're right it's no problem, you took my money because I shopped here, maybe next time I will shop elsewhere, at a place where they are nicer and more polite!)

Sometimes, it is the customer lacking the social skills...The cashier hands the customer their change and says "thank you," and the customer says, "Ah-ha." That's an acknowledgement, but it's NOT a Thank You!

We should ALL be saying Please and Thank You! Always! Period!

Remember as kids, we used to sometimes say, "Pretty Please, with sugar on top?" Why do we ever stop saying that? If I ever need a money order, I buy one at my local grocery store for less than a buck. One time when I was in my bank, where I have an account, I wanted to get a money order for convenience sake, and I asked the teller about the cost.

Her reply was, "Six dollars." I said, "I have an account here." She said, "Yes, I know, it's six dollars for account holders, and non-bank customers pay twelve dollars." (Yikes!) So then I said, "Can I please get just one with NO fee? Pretty please with sugar on top?" The teller got the biggest smile on her face, and then said "Okay!"

Maybe we can all pitch in and help to make the world a better place! We might start by using those polite words we learned as children!

So, let's please start saying "please and thank you" more often! Okay?

Thank You!

Many Blessings!

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