Online business and sales is one that is driven by information marketing. However, some online marketers do not have enough time to create quality contents for their prospects, in the right volume too. This article provides an insight into options to having access to, and easy ways to create quality contents on demand, without sacrificing time - using .

Has time constrained you from putting out as much contents to promote your affiliate products as you would have wanted to? In this article you will learn how to not sacrifice your family or fun time and yet produce quality contents fast, using Private Label Right (PLR) Contents the right way to create unique articles and blog posts.

Options to Creating Contents When You Don Not Have The Time

What about when time constraints stay in the way of you creating as much sales generating contents as you would like to? Then you’ll have two options:

  • Pay someone else (outsource) to write contents for you at elance, Odesk or
  • Purchase Private Label Right (PLR) eBooks and / or articles, extract article sets from them and rewrite them in your own words to make them unique.

You can find PLR eBooks containing dozens of topics that you can extract from or mix and match as you like, whenever you want. PLR is an acronym for Private Label Rights and they come in handy for any busy online marketer – saves you the time for looking for a ghost writer and can be cheaper – more like buying articles on wholesale pricing.

You can see that PLR contents can save you time and money. It's cheaper than paying someone else for every single article they write for you. You can remix and re-purpose a single PLR material to create tons of unique contents once you know how. One PLR eBook of a couple of pages can easily cost same as two articles to freelance writers.

One snag with using PLRs is finding well written professional PLRs, given that so many poorly written PLR contents are all over the place. In spite of this, you can still get professionally written Private Label Right contents. In fact some top marketers, from time to time sell rights to their own contents but this is not widely discussed.

The truth is that there are people who know the secrets of re-purposing PLR articles in to unique articles to work for them. You too can learn what's working for them so that you can replicate same in your own business.

PLRs are already written content by professional ghost writers, which you can add your own copyright to and use as your own. The quality of PLRs and price points vary, however not always is expensive equal to quality, and so the key thing is to find top PLR publishers who take the headache of finding hottest topics online and the best ghost writers available.

Let's quickly discuss how to use PLRs correctly to produce top quality unique contents.

How To Create Quality Contents From Any PLR

The First thing you must know is that you should never use any PLR without editing and re-writing it. Even when a PLR is written by a known authority, you should put the content in "your own voice" and your own words before you present it to your readers.

If you consider PLRs as organised research information, you'll find them easy to rewrite.

Every good writing starts with a research and so you should look at PLRs as having an organised research dump in one piece that you can quickly call up, saving you time you would have spent on the search engines – rummaging through the results, sifting and sorting piles of digital information.

Top marketers are good at time management – that is one of the things that separates them from the others. You should do what’s working for others, if you want to be successful.

How Not To Use PLRs

Although some people submit PLRs as they are, this is not the best thing to do as there could be a thousand and one other people who bought the same PLR and if all of them submit “as is” documents – the readers and search engines would view them as duplicates (not originals), which they are.
Because of this kind of misuse of PLRs, many people – even those who never used it before – frown at it and don’t even want to touch it with a pole. Before I knew better, I heard many negative things about PLRs and so I didn’t want to hear about it.

How to Human-Spin a PLR

Again, if you view a PLRs as an organised and compiled research document, the next logical thing to do would be:

  • Read it and comprehend it so that you can explain or write it in your own words. You may find it easier to comprehend a few paragraphs at a time.
  • Edit it
  • Extract paragraphs and sentences to mix and match
  • Rewrite the sentences, taking a few sentences at a time.

Doing the above 4 steps, you would have succeeded in human-spinning the PLR to a unique article that you, and only you (in this whole wide World) has, and you can confidently put your name to it.

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