If there is any flowering plant that can provide any garden with beauty and fragrance, then one of the first things that will come to mind are Plumeria plants. Known for their soft and delicate blossoms that give off a natural fragrance, Plumeria plants will definitely lighten up any garden and provide a sweet-smelling atmosphere as well.

The blossoms of the Plumeria plant are often white, with delicate yellow centres. There are also other varieties of the flowers, which are in pink and yellow. These velvety blossoms are very nice to touch. More often than not, they provide a soothing sight to the eyes, whether on the tree or even when they have already fallen down the ground.

As for the Plumeria plants' distinct smell, this is one of their methods to attract sphinx moths at night. This done because these plants need these insects to pollinate. As the flowers of a Plumeria plant do not really contain nectar, the moths are misled and would end up helping the plant pollinate. One would definitely notice this at night, as this is the time when the Plumeria plant gives off such a strong scent.

While Plumeria plants are native in Central and South America, one should not be discouraged from having them in their homes. It will be easy to grow them, since they can be propagated easily from leafless stem tip cuttings. One should do this in spring though, as they basically thrive better in warmer weather. One can also grow them easily in other climates as long as they keep the conditions well for the plants to grow. Sunny and dry surroundings will be very beneficial, as well as well draining soil, to prevent them from getting too much water. For more information on getting and taking care of a Plumeria plant, be sure to visit plumeria2u.co.uk.

plumeria plants

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