You’ve got the book. You’ve got the speech. You’ve got the expertise, but very few people know you exist. It takes more than simply having the “thing” to be successful. You also need the visibility.

Years ago there wasn’t much competition online Seems like whatever an expert introduced to market was a novelty and people ate it up. It was also much easier to stand out because of the fact there were very few people vying for people’s attention.

Today, this is definitely not the case. Today, your message is likely, unless you position it correctly, to be one among many, literally getting lost in the shuffle.

You have to also find ways to be viewed as more than a commodity. One way is to let your personality shine through. For example, I’m very transparent about my love of animals, my involvement with rescue issues and my passion for power walking. Click here to see what I’m currently involved with.

A great way to move from commodity to exclusivity is to get visibility and as much as you can, for you, your message and your point of view. Why? Simple. The more visible you are, the more you are unique to the “middle of the road” experts, the more people will turn to you for solutions they seek.

You have numerous options to position your point of view and perspective.


This is one of my favorite strategies to get in front of my community. Leveraging podcasting can give you an incredible marketing edge that can substantially increase your online visibility, build a loyal following and increase lead-generation and client-conversion rates.

You can certainly host your own show or, if you want incredible market reach, why not be a featured guest?

Either way, you will definitely position your expertise with the podcast platform.

Here are a few strategies to finding podcast shows you can be a featured expert on.

Visit iTunes and do a search by topic, industry or market. It’s likely there will be shows that focus on these areas. From there, listen to at least a portion of a few episodes to see how good the show actually is.

If it seems like the show is a good fit for you, contact the host about being a featured expert.

It helps if you have your media information handy so that if a host agrees to interview you, you can quickly provide them with everything they need.

The key is to find the best shows, be prepared and most of all, have fun.

Author's Bio: 

Kathleen Gage is the “no-nonsense, common sense” online marketing strategist, speaker, author, product creation specialist, and owner of Power Up For Profits. She helps entrepreneurs make money online. Her clients are driven by making a difference through their own unique voice.

As an early adopter of online marketing, Kathleen is known for cutting through the fluff. She speaks and teaches about what she believes are the core elements of a successful life: accountability, integrity, honesty, and living with passion and hope.

Kathleen believes the best way to become well known in your market is to let go of the need to be well known and simply serve and create an incredible experience for all you come in contact with.