I am not a doctor but have reached a breaking point more then once in my 61 years.

All of us have a point of no return. A breaking point is when everything around you seems to build up and boils over, like a volcano erupting. That is a defensive move of your body telling you let it go. But letting go should be done carefully, because you can hurt others or yourself. But you must let go before depression sets in. Depression can kill you. Sometimes you can become depressed and not know it. Sometimes that breaking point is yelling at someone. Sometimes it is much worse. And sometimes it is like the feeling you get when a good friend or close relative dies. But you are the only one that can help get your life back on track. It is never easy, but can be done. Professional help is available but ultimately you have to pick yourself up, weigh the situation and decide what to do.
After things build for so long it is very difficult to explode on somebody. There is no other release in site so what do you do? I will tell what I do. It is that thing that men are not supposed to do. But after so long I will break down and cry.
Believe me, it rids me of a lot of frustration, and I am not a crying person but it beats going off on someone.

One thing I do know is when you sit down and share it, it doesn't seem so bad and maybe someone else can relate.

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Just a plain person speaking his thoughts on breaking down.
61 Years old, retired
Past American Legion commander Post911
Charter member S A L Squadron 911
Author, self taught, Trying to be an Internet marketer
Rick Tomlinson